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  1. no i dont mind

    1-the semester thing-its when u can chsnge the classes ur taking to get credits for the other classes u need 2 take

    2-college credits are credits added 2 ur college thingy so u can go 2 college and it means u passed regular credits r just credits u have so u can graduate highschool
  2. Kind of the both of them if you dont mind filling me in on it?
  3. getting college credits or the semester thing??????????
  4. o my bad meant to say.... how does that effect your school work?
  5. wait what ?
  6. O ok. how does that way with your school work and all?
  7. im ok i guess im tired especially cause 2day is the end of the symester.....2day i got college credits
  8. O ok well i feel specal that you did post me....... it's sweet of you. how are you doing tho
  9. seattle wash...............its so i dont no what 2 say 2 people ....i just read my messages and then im done i wasnt evevn gonna post u....
  10. i live in the US TN. Chattanooga.... where you live at?
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