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  1. o ok very cool....... mmm I willl see what I can pu together for the new person I'm thinking of making. if u got any ideas roll them by me.
  2. that sounds pretty sick.putting tai and genjutsu together with earth based jutsu could be a chalenge but if you pull it off it could be tite.
    and i got that picture from google images
  3. Cool beans thanks man. I guess the random effect..... works for me when it comes to jutsu. But the more I think about it I may just make another person in the elan clan group who is taijutsu & genjutsu lover and only uses earth base jutsu. What your thoughts on that idea?
  4. yeh but its a cool random not cheesy cause your learning jutsu from other villages
  5. o ok cool... well i do what i can n o I didn't really know i my just was so random, but to think about it now.
  6. well i read your character profile again and your jutsu was kinda random so i knew i had allota room to play around in. then i thot itd be cool if you shredded them with your swords and the rest is history
  7. very good jutsu... wat made u come up wit that one? yea i think i just may do that.
  8. thanks. you should add some stuff to your bio to.
    your guys preaty sick tho. i thot of a jutsu for you by the way.
    water style,typhoon dragon shredder. you form hand signs of bird dragon bore monkey and tiger. then water in the form of a dragon comes out of the ground around you. it encircles your opponent and creates a whirlpool. then you grab your four swords and throw them into it which causes the victim to be shredded to nothing. when its all done you grab your swords and say smugly "rest in pieces"
  9. i like what you done with your dude bio. it very cool.
  10. O really i'm going to have to go take a look an see whats news with him. o yea u r welcome
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