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  1. o ok....... very cool... and thats pretty good place to stop. i does your rpg work?
  2. HAHA, yeah kewl, what made me start it is uber depression + boredom = bleach dynasty woohoo.

    haha, i stoped at episode 198 >.<

    i just wanna watch it again >.<
  3. o ok i got ya... what made you want to started up a rpg site for bleach?.... also, the series seem to be going at full force.. it's just getting better... so when you get back in to it, you will enjoy it.
  4. Haha, i meant, all i know about bleach now is Role playing it, since i run a site about it >.<

    i dont really follow the series anymore, i guess i'm just waiting for it to finish then there i can follow it again haha
  5. O ok that is very cool. what all o you know about bleach or where are with it the story so far?
  6. HAHA, cool bleach buddy *hugz* XD

    all i know is bleach RP-ing and stuff like that Xd
  7. o very cool and yeah i do. I also read the manga online its getting really good.
  8. haha, i joined a bleach group, you watch any bleach?
  9. o yeah there are just kind of have to look around to see who's in what group and the name.
  10. really?, i didnt even know there are groups here XD
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