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  1. ;o; Not at all. -Sniffle- All I still have are big giant planks of wood. ;__;
    I need to nab the machine saw off of my uncle before I can do anything else. .__.
    Shouldnt take more than a day to complete though... surely... *_*
    I hope.
  2. You almost done with it so you can be all set and ready.
  3. Just got home from the timber merchants. ¬___¬;; -Points to the pile of wood in the middle of his room-

    Making up shelves and stuff for my consoles and my computer stuff to sit on and everything. Took ages getting it. Now all I need is a saw. x__x A saw, a saw, my kingdom for a saw~ -Sobs- ;o;
  4. Ha dude I'm back on now so what you up to I just got home.
  5. I have a few of the manga and I love them. x3 They aren't particularly available around my area, because the one shop that generally specializes in manga is PAINFULLY popular, and most of the more popular stuff flies off the shelves right away. ;__;
  6. Thank dude Yea I'm a huge naruto fan. How about you dude.
  7. Thank dude Yea I'm a huge naruto fan.!!!!How about you.
  8. Heya, just stopping by. x3 Cool naruto pic in the album.
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