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  1. YAY lets party lol XD i am happy for you now you can take some rest now lol ... it finished !! yay XD ... =^_^=
  2. YES!!! ^O^ It's basically finished!! BASICALLY!!! xD Kindof!

    And it certainly looks nice thus far. ^_^ I'm very happy with it, yep. Halleluyiah!!! XD It is finished!! <3<3<3
  3. lol XD i am sure it will look great , and i am sure that you have finished it by now X3 ... have you O.o ... =^_^=
  4. Almost done with all of the dumb woodworking, thank goodness. -__- Last day of my holidays and I've been having a total psycho-attack sawing random pieces of wood and nailing screws in and stuff to hold it together. xD It still looks a complete mess though. Almost done, just really gotta make it "look" better now by putting the wood effect on it now. I'll probably do that this tuesday. Hooray! Nearly finished! <3<3

    -Collapses tired- ;o;
  5. lol , XD you have really a sucky week lol !!! , Poor you @.@ ... but i am sure that you have enjoyed your time by working by your stuff , it is easy if it is your stuff but it is difficult if it was another one stuff lol XD ...

    for me i have been very tired from studying which i didn't come anything form it lol X3 .... =^_^=
  6. Oh yeaaaaahhhh, I study a lot too. ^_- Studying the computer screen, in any case. -__-;; And me, I've generally had a very sucky week, woodworking is SO hard trying to get stuff kitted out for my room. Big shelf for my consoles/tv. Another one for my scanner and printer so they dont have to lurk under my bed anymore. -_-; Hammered my thumb and it took two strikes before I realised it hurt. >__< Bah.

    And of course, to end it all, I go back to work Saturday. Hoorah~!! ^___^
  7. lol !! , XD well i don't site that much on AO or internet becasue i study a lot *my nose become long* , uhmmm well XD , hahhahaha i am good X3 being lazy lol , how are you ! >.< ... =^_^=
  8. ROWR!! :O -Hugguls-

    Hiiiyyaaaa. :3 Came to say hi, thats all really. xD Lol! How are ya? Haven't really seen you around the boards until that post just now. Meep!
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