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  1. Cool cool. ^^ Thankies. <3 Nice ta meet'cha. xD Lol.
  2. mine is mark nice to meet you tho man o most call me vortex
  3. Stephen, most people just call me Steph though. And I dont mind people asking, so don't worry. xD It's known in a lot of places. <3 What's yours? xD

    If you dont mind me asking! xp
  4. o what is your name if you don't mind telling me it's okay if you don't^+^
  5. Well, I hope that your medical certificate will be worth it. <3 I just travelled to college from my house all the time for my different courses. ^o^ I might go back for more later, but right now I'm just saving up. >o<
  6. trust me it does i have been in loring job core getting my medical certifacation
  7. Lol, my mom just got in from work and my younger brothers been holding up in his room all day. He helped me a little with putting the shelf back in where it was to go because I've messed up my wrists really bad. : ( But yeah, thank GOD for that!! ^___^ ITS FINISHED!!! YAAAYYY!!!

    How come you ain't been home? o.O Where are you? ;o; Sounds like that sucks. ;__;
  8. well you see it may have been apain but i have not been home for well over 3 years and i miss my family friends and all i have tho few i ever known
  9. "Fun project" my @$$. xD

    I just got done with it. Last day of my holidays and I'm a mess. I've been working non-stop trying to get that bloody stuff done. xD Now thankfully, it mostly is. Just have to spruce it all up a little by getting some sticky-back wood effect and white effect and then we're all set. THANK GOD. DX
  10. yeah good look then bro :P as i bet that is going to be a fun project
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