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  1. Yeah, I suppose you're right. I did upload some of my more recent work here on AO last night. I'm probably gonna upload some more here and maybe on DevArt, when I get the chance. I may color some stuff first. I haven't done any work in color in a long while.
  2. So I was somehow right about it. Too many of those sea urchins isn't good. I can remember one holiday in Greece where they've been appearing in unusual big amounts. I don't actually know if it is happening more often at the moment or less. I can just hope it's less often, but from what I've heard about the polution mediterranean sea I'd guess that those events occur more frequently.
    It made me happy to hear that it seems to be the other way round in Scotland. The sea ecosystem definitely needs a time for recovery and it looks like they have their time now. Hopefully, this will go on for a little longer.
    I'm surprised that this recovery is so quick. I thought it takes longer for such a system to recover, since the underwater ecosystem is to be treated especially carefully. Well, I guess you notice the first signs faster.
    I hope this whole global warming thing will turn out for the better so that not too many animal species have to die.
    Nice, seals and dolphins! I totally want to see those animals in their natural habit once.
    Those dolphins are a sign for the warm water currents we were talking about, aren't they? Since they live in rather warm seas, or am I mistaken?

    Deep down the sea, yes. Must have been a very big storm because it was able to move the water around that much ... That's true, you might not see them again. So one night was worth it I guess. I'd like to see one of those as well. Especially, since you can't see them in zoos.
    To some extent I guess they are a little used to it, otherwise they might all have been dead as they were washed up to the beaches.

    Hehe, now I remember again. So it was you whom I had to punish for shooting dear santa?!
  3. I have a TokyoPop account that I haven't updated in about a year, but I've got some art up there. I have a Deviant Art account as well, but I'm kinda iffy about putting up art online sometimes, due to thievery, but once I'm ready, I think I'll post some art there as well. I think AO has the most art that I've posted online and most of it is old (like from 2004 to last year), LOL.
  4. Meep. I totally forgot responding. Truly sorry, man.
    It doesn't matter if those urchins are poisonous or not - it still hurts like mad if you happen to step on one of those. Luckily, I never did. One jellyfish sting was enough ugly experience I want to gather at the sea. <:
    You see those urchins more when the water becomes cleaner? Funny, because I imagine that someone said to me that overpopulation of urchins to be a bad sign of the situation of the underwater fauna. Can't remember why that's the case actually and it's very possible that I'm telling some bullcrap again. Hopefully not.
    Yeah, I watched those documentariesa and I think I know what you're talking about. But aren't those fishes supposed to live, like, thousands of meters deep in the sea? It would be very rare for them to appear like that on the coast. Lucky you!
    Must have been funny. They were really glowing that brightly to allow you read a manga? That's awesome! Maybe you should get yourself one of those jellyfishes instead of those boring~ gold fish thingys. :P

    Hopefully people get smarter about that whole conflict. I think most of them are really tired of this, so I also think something like what happened in the 80ies won't happen again. So no famous last words.

    Yeah, I though the same about that smiley. I mean: ": D"
    But you seemed to like the Santa Claus smiley, didn't you? :P
  5. Thanks! ^_^
    It's always good to hear that a fellow artist likes my work!
  6. Hey, no problem!

    You made some very valid points and they deserved to be acknowledged.
    I like your artwork BTW.
  7. Dangerous ocean life. Yes, wonderful said. That's exactly what I meant. xD
    You know, it's sometimes not that easy for me to find the right words since english isn't my mother tongue. Just learning it in school. So no good in english speaking. I'm improving though.
    Anyway back to the ocean life: It's good that there's nothing really poisonous around there in the UK. It's very uncomfortable if you have to always look out for dangerous fishs, sea urchins, anemone or jellyfishs. That's a real fun-killer.
    In greece, if you're unlucky and you had some stormy days in a row, the coasts and beaches are full of jellyfishs, because of the streams. I never swim on those days, I don't want to get stung by those things. It hurts. Actually, I was pretty lucky with jelly stings, just until last year. The weather wasn't even bad, but one got me. Wah, that was really ugly. All itchy and stingy and stuff. The pain didn't go away for hours ... Well, at least I won't get stung by another one in my life statistically, I guess. xD
    There's one other definitely dangerous fish out there, which also hides itself in the sand. Forgot what it is called like and I luckily never made its acquaintance.

    That's a joke, I hope?! Because it sounds like one. Two people died? What the hell is happening there? You have to keep me informed on that one!
    It really seems that this kind of myth will never die, that whole Nessie thing. But anyway, life would be boring without those legends and myths.
    So you life near Loch Ness?

    Yup, it does. It's sad that some people are like that. Especially the mix fanatic religion and soccer is a very~ bad one. Conflicft are preprogrammed, more or less.
    "The Wind That Shakes The Barley", never heard that one before. Maybe I know the german title of the film? I should look it up I guess, but I'm lazy at the moment.
    Additionally, I haven't seen that much films revolving about that topic. One other maybe about the Bloody Sunday, but that's it I think.

    I heard that too. There were some news to hear even around my place lately. Let's just hope that those conflicts do not get any worse. It's not like there weren't enough already. It's good that people on the "mainland" are still down-to-earth about that one.

    that smiley creeps me out actually. My favourites are these two: The sad ones look awesome. xD
  8. Okay. Yeah, I dunno, I though I somewhere read about that. Maybe it wasn't in the UK ... I'll look it up tomorrow or so, since I'm pretty tired now and will go to sleep in the next 15 mins, or so. xD
    Ah, okay, I understand. An interesting habit you have developed there. And I also have to just use some smileys on that site which I have approved of being useable. Some smileys on this site are ... well. <- I don't like this one very much for instance. But it simply is way too important to not use it. <:
    Wah, that sounds dangerous. I wouldn't want to go swimming there anymore. Though you're rather safe in Scotland I guess. Any dangerous things swimming around there? I don't think so ...
    Except for Nessie, indeed. xD

    Ah, those Catholic/Protestant quarrels are happening in Scotland as well? I normally just hear about those things from Northern Ireland. It's only natural I guess since the protestants came from Scotland/England originally. This conflict isn't only limited to Northern Ireland, as it seems. We just happened to do that in school by the way. Currently watching a film about it. Not about those quarrels actually, but about that Bloody Sunday thingy. I think the film's called "In the name of the father". You heard of that one before, by chance?
    I believe that this catholic protestant conflict can result in lots of problems. Especially in soccer. You know, I wouldn't want to come near to those die hard catholic soccer fans if they've drank one or ten beer too much and if I was an protestant.
    Hehe, yeah I don't watch soccer that much either. It's boring. It's more fun to actually play it.
  9. You do not like those smileys that much, do you? Since it's not the first time you write : ( instead of making the according smiley: ? -Is just wondering-

    I already wanted to ask you if you can swim around where you're living. Must be cold, isn't it? Though I heard of some high temperatured streams around the UK which make the water really mild and nice. There are even supposed to be some kinda tropical islands there. Or am I imagine things? xD
    Seaweed sucks. I was in Greece once and after a storm there were lotsa sea weed beachsides. I didn't want to swim those days either. I hate them.

    Ah, that's how you play it. Well, that makes sense. I was a little confused at first since I had no idea how that should work with more players. Anyway, that sounds like a funny idea. Maybe I should try it out somewhen as well.
    Hehe!!! Funny, dude. You really got no idea of how that game works. You know, you can't score another goal after the ball was in the goal. That's not possible. If someone did that, he definitely was cheating. <:
    I know that english people are interested in soccer, since England is rather successful.
    Scottish people are not that much into soccer? Is your team good? Well, I guess you dunno.
  10. I get what you say. And I wouldn't just take one either. But I think goldfishes are rather boring. There are many other pets I'd want to have before that. :P And taking care of such an aquarium can be pretty messy as well. A friend of mine had fishes, but all that cleaning stuff was kinda exhausting. And thoses fishes weren't much of a attraction either, so they put them away after half a year or so ...

    Yeah, yeah hat trick? Is it called like that in english? xD You know, that's when you score three goals in one match. It's called Hattrick in german, so I thought it was something similar?
    I'm actually quite good at sports in general. I especially like soccer, as I already stated and table tennis. Badminton and swiming is nice as well.
    Only sport in which I suck is Basketball. That's mostly due to my size. So no basketball for me.
    You were picked for squash? Isn't this just played alone? Which kinda teams can you form for squash?
    Swiming is awesome, you should try that again, really. I love swiming. Although I don't really like those indoor swimming pools. It's much better by the sea in Malaysia ... xD
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