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  1. Ah okay. I really was confused for a moment. But honestly, Moby's a great chair for your soon-to-be massage chair as well. You should keep this a serious suggestion!
    Hehe, love at the first sight, hu? That's great. Which means it's decided. You just have to talk with them again and reserve yourself that fish. Otherwise someone who has a good eye like you might take him away from you. That would suck.
    But I would consider to buy two of them. One would be soooo alone ... He has to have a friend!

    Yeah, I was drinking. Not too much though. If I drank too much, I can't run anymore. So I kept it low. It was alright, we were fourth place in the end. You know who won? Our teachers ... xD That's strange, I mean, in a student soccer tournament the winner are our teachers. Anyway, it was very funny, that was the most important thing.
    And I was pretty good! I done a hat trick! All in all, I shot 7 goals. I think that was record ...
    So it was fun, although we just became fourth in the end.

    Yeah, you'll get such a chair when you've the money ...
  2. Whom will you call Moby? Your goldfish, or your chair? <3Yeah, I know. I'm too long on my PC as well. You can just do way too many things on it. Everything actually, exept for eating. And going to the toilet maybe. xD
    But I force to meet my friends from time to time, so it's okay ... Which is a good thing of course. No honestly ... My real friends are more important to me than to surf the net the whole day long. Although I really enjoy writing with you here on AO.
    Those computer chairs can really be expensive. I suggest you'll start off with one of the cheaper versions and when you've the money from your manga, you'll get a real cool one! Massage and stuff ... <:
    Yeah, yeah, generally, you're one hour behind me. I already figured that out since you're living in Scotland. I hope you had a fine Tuesday by the way ... You found your wood? The goldfish as well? My grandparents had two goldfishs as I was younger. I liked them ...

    I'm really pumped up at the moment. We have a school soccer tournament tomorrow ... And I want to win! Since we beat last year the best team which never lost a game up to that point and lost the tournament then because we were completely finished after the game. I think I never was that exhausted in my WHOLE life.
    Anyway, I'm off to win this tournament this year! It's my last chance! I have to! <<:
  3. yes.... a little bit..... I hope is not chocolate.....lol

    Hey Dude what's upppppppppppppppp!
  4. mine is mark nice to meet you tho man o most call me vortex
  5. Okay, weeks might have been a little overexagerated thing to say, but yeah three days and nights was kinda normal for them at those pretty hard and exhausting time. I can remember when I was up for about two days doing level design and stuff, drinking black tea by gallons (Since I do not like coffee)! At the end, I had to pee like every hour or so ... As I woke up from sleeping some hours, he was still at work. I had to force him to sleep. xD Otherwise, he might have never stopped. He slept a bit, but then was working like mad again. That sure is NOT healthy for your body anymore ... No sleep, always drinking black tea and some energy drinks.
    After that whole work was done, he must have gone to sleep for a week or so. You were not able to talk with him properly ... xD

    That's awesome! If you're able to watch youtube again, you'll soon be asking you how on earth you could survive all these days without it.
    Any need for some funny vids, you just come and ask me, I have enough to share ...
    You should really think of buying yourself some good computer chair. Very important for the back. I have some cheap wodden chair. Damn, after some time I have to stop sitting on the chair, otherwise I'd get some serious problems with my back. Or at least, I'm supposed to stop. :P
    Dunno. I guess the third was okay as well. Just a little bit too much action in it, for my taste. Although I have to admit that the last time I saw the film was in cinema ... Which is already some time ago I guess. xD Maybe I'll watch the third one again some time.
    But it can never beat the first one anyway. :P

    I hate migraine also. Lucky I never have it that often. That one aunt of mine. I think she can't live without migraine. Or so it seems.
    No, you're writing is perfect! I like it a lot, it's a fine exeption to some of the messages here ... ^_^''
    Why, thank you! I have it on tuesday. I should learn a bit today. Haven't learned a thing yet. Well, I still got like the whole day. Enough time.
  6. o what is your name if you don't mind telling me it's okay if you don't^+^
  7. Ah, I am sorry to hear about your bruiseness, I saw it coming lmao. Yeah deff take some rest, you went to work also? What do you work as? Stress and work sadly go together often. My week was horrible but I am having an excellent weekend, because this other girl I like is coming over today to hang out with me for a few hours, its a "test date" lol. So I am looking forward to it, and I got Resident Evil 5 from gamefly Saturday so that improved my weekend by an enormous amount, if my weekend was as bad as my week, well lets just say id be in an emo corner right now lol.
  8. i don't want it.....lol
    but I would eat Cake ...........
  9. Yeah, yeah. You should totally relax more. I think I can little understand how busy you must have it sometimes. I can see it by how busy a friend of mine is with his software developing. No sleep over weeks.
    Never heard of something like that. I guess you have to buy a new laptop though. No one can life without youtube, hu?!?!
    The first one definitely is the best. Is actually the only one which I really like. Second comes after that. But the third part ... Meh. It's similar with the Matrix trilogy. I also just liked the first one there.
    I will study! Tomorrow. I guess. xD Ya know, it's already 2:30 am. Had a busy day today and yesterday. No sleep. So I'll need that now.
    Will read you tomorrow!
  10. so you enjoy eating in front of people....... That's torture..... you teasing little squire!
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