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  1. We are watchmen. No, I have to disappoint you, such a scenes does not exist in the film. It wouls be a very funny reference though. Maybe I have to have a little chit-chat with the director so he'll use it in his next film.
    Boy, you know some animals. Never heard of any of them. Not even in german of course. I had to look those names up in the dictionary so I know about what you've been talking about. xD
    Nocturnal would be a no-go for me too. That's also a serious issue I have with cats. Them jumping and playing around late at night I mean. I can't sleep if they jump around all night long crawling in you bed, biting you in your feet. xD
    I once slept over at a friend's and I seriously couldn't close my eyes that night. Those cats were up the whole night. I never was that tired in my still young life.
    So tortoises are fine. (:
    Golly, sugar gliders are damn cute! <3 So small, so sweet. Yum. And they must be fun too, flying around the room. But never have gliders and tortoises at the same time, dude. They'd have serious air battles.
    Hm, so you wait for the DVDs. That's good too. You don't like going to cinema? I'm not that much of a cinema guy either, but once or twice a month certainly is nice. It's just a much cooler experience.
    I guess you'll get the "300" DVD cheaper when "the Watchmen" DVD comes out. That can take some time though ... Normally, it takes some months for a DVD to come. But you seem to be a patient guy. That's cool.
    No, you musn't encage them! If you do, their hidden wings will shrink, because they can't use them anymore. They wouldn't like that and would start to play mean tricks on you.
  2. Aaaand you have to seperate the males and females if you do not like anymore eggs. How many do they lay anyway, per anno?
    In danish they also just have one word? Interesting. That's a thing I like about the english language ... Soo many beautiful words. I really love it.
    It's not really that there's just one word for turtles and tortoises. You can differ those two. The general term for turltes as well as tortoises is 'Schildkröte'. Tortoises are then called more specifically 'Land-schildkröte'. (Land means ground). Dunno if it's the same in danish. (:
    That's a cool thing about turtles. They live long. I would never ever take a rat as my pet. I don't want something which dies after two years of some cancer or stuff. That would suck.
    Spare you money for Watchmen, Yes man isn't worth the money. I was interested in watching it because I haven't seen Jim Carrey since a very long time ... He made a pause or something?
    Yeah, you can watch Watchmen. Or buy it on dvd. Or download it somewhere for free. It's your decision. xD
    It is the same guy. If you've seen 300 and Watchmen, you can see the similarities.

    Talk about Sparta. :P
    Mhm, you gotta watch over your tortoises. They just won't fly if they are near you. You never wondered where you've put your key? And then found it somewhere where you can't remember that you've put it? Don't blame you girlfriend, you know whose fault it was ...
  3. awwwwwww is snowing, that's bad....here in Ney Yow the weather is great... you can go out with just a sweater...lol

    so what king of manga do you read?.... I never read any manga in my life.. I only watch anime on TV or here... the net... for free!....jijijiji

    it seams that you have a lot to do today... a busy day... is 7:00 PM... wow here's is 3;00 PM.
  4. sorry the last message was suppose to be a joke....lol
    so helle little squire!...... how been things going.......yes i make lots of questions.....jijijijij
  5. ohhh !...lol
  6. thanks for understanding......lol

    hey you're here, how ya doing little squire!

    wow the below me sure like to write a lot!....lol
  7. Yeah, that's because you wouldn't think those lazy little things need so much space. But I guess that's good for every animal, so then again ...
    Ah, I get it. So that's the difference. Tortoises are simply the turtles of the land. Never knew that difference. Very interesting though! Thanks for that nice tuition.
    In german, there's just one word for both of them. How boring. ):
    Additionally, ecxept for turtles being malicious, they aren't as much fun either. Always swimming around in the water ... Bleh. I'd also prefer tortoises! But as I said. It wouldn't be fun for them living in a small space in the city. So I'll definitely spare them this rather short experience.

    That's quite the same with every other pet, isn't it? Losing them, I mean. That's one disadvantage. They do not live as lons as we humans do. So we lose them fast. On the other hand, aren't turtles and tortoises known for living aeons? Or just the big ones?

    So it's brisith then. But I guess if I start off referring a scotish babe as scotish, I bet I get some better score! Though I wouldn't know the difference I guess. xD

    Yes Man wasn't any good actually. It depends on what you're looking for. Jim Carrey is never bad for short amusement. But it's not a film which I'd recommend to you.
    Watchmen on the other hand, was very enjoyable. Very unique style, combined with a strange yet interesting story and funny characters. I wouldn't actually shriek but I definitely recommend watching it. xD
    It's klinda brutal though. Which was to expect actually since the film was made by the director of "300".
    Why seagulls suck? Because they dare hurting your precious little tortoises! That's why. Seagulls suck! <3
    Sooo you never saw one actually climbing? Hmm ... I guess they can't climb. They were ... flying when you didn't watch! *bam*
  8. no yet..... wait a little longer until I add......you understand, don't you ?
  9. hummm you seems funny, and disturbing........lol ,
  10. Key lime pie is my favorite I know not cake but still amazing! ^__^ *glitter and stars shoots out of eyes* Well I signed up along time ago but didn't have time to really be on here like I do now so that's probably why. I think it was a forum.
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