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  1. No problem, dude. Take your time answering. It's not like you're forced to answer. And your work is of course much more important. So no need to appology for further delays in messaging!

    Ah that's right. One of the most sensitive systems are the coral reefs. Sadly, it might be too late for most of them. Well, hopefully something still can be done to safe this ecosystem.

    Uh, yeah seals. How awesome is that again?! I totally want to be in Scotland for once in my life. Does it rain a lot in Scotland? If it does, count me in, I love rain!
    This happens often, that little pup seals do not find their mommy seals? That would be way to sad. I can remember, one of the saddest things I've ever seen was a little dead turtle baby. You know best what happens to the newborns on their way to the sea. They get distracted and stuff. It's so sad.
    Dunno 'bout dolphins but there really are some whales which have no problem with cold water. There are some in the North Sea. Orcas are used to cold water too as far as I can remember ... <:

    Well, you're lucky that Santa is invincible. Otherwise, Santa's elves whould have already massacred you! But I bet you won't get any christmas presents this year!
  2. Sorry I havent replied to anyone in a while, I've been unwell. >o< And at my lovely work. I'll probably be off quite a bit over the next couple of weeks as we're having visitors coming. <3


    I think the TROPICAL ocean ecosystem is some of the worst ecosystems to ruin because it takes so long to recover, but this might be beause of the coral that grows in these areas, which takes so long to grow back again. We dont actually have coral at all round here. At all. Just seaweeds and stuffs.

    Yep, we get seals quite often locally here. One nearly waddled up onto the road a while ago looking for its mum, I think it was a pup that got lost because noone could find the adult, and this was just a little one. I think someone ended up finding it sick behind a rock somewhere and it needed to get taken away to get taken care of, so I dunno if anyone really found out what happened to the mommy seal. But anyway, yeah, you can see them often in the water and on the shallows/sand beaches where they usually sit around when you go on the ferryboat. <3

    And I think most dolphins are warm water, but you CAN get ones in cold water. After all, we've had a whale or two before. xD So I wouldnt be surprised about the dolphins. <3<3 Yep, it was me that was punished for hurting little santa. ;o; But it was only an innocent few shots from a rifle! I swear!! ;o;

    I meant no harm! Truly!
  3. So I was somehow right about it. Too many of those sea urchins isn't good. I can remember one holiday in Greece where they've been appearing in unusual big amounts. I don't actually know if it is happening more often at the moment or less. I can just hope it's less often, but from what I've heard about the polution mediterranean sea I'd guess that those events occur more frequently.
    It made me happy to hear that it seems to be the other way round in Scotland. The sea ecosystem definitely needs a time for recovery and it looks like they have their time now. Hopefully, this will go on for a little longer.
    I'm surprised that this recovery is so quick. I thought it takes longer for such a system to recover, since the underwater ecosystem is to be treated especially carefully. Well, I guess you notice the first signs faster.
    I hope this whole global warming thing will turn out for the better so that not too many animal species have to die.
    Nice, seals and dolphins! I totally want to see those animals in their natural habit once.
    Those dolphins are a sign for the warm water currents we were talking about, aren't they? Since they live in rather warm seas, or am I mistaken?

    Deep down the sea, yes. Must have been a very big storm because it was able to move the water around that much ... That's true, you might not see them again. So one night was worth it I guess. I'd like to see one of those as well. Especially, since you can't see them in zoos.
    To some extent I guess they are a little used to it, otherwise they might all have been dead as they were washed up to the beaches.

    Hehe, now I remember again. So it was you whom I had to punish for shooting dear santa?!
  4. Sea urchins form large herds. They move like little spikey cows across the ocean floor, munching on seaweed and algae. Generally if theres a HUGE amount of them, it means that there either aren't enough large predators to keep them in balance, or theres an over-abundance of algae growth, caused by adverse weather conditions, fertiliser flowing into the water, "global warming" or some other occurence. Their a sign species, and yes, you can tell the state of the ecosystem by how healthy or ill, and how many or less, of sea urchins there are in an area of the ocean.

    I wouldnt worry about it though. Our water condition in the ocean round here SUCKED due to all the oil in the shipyards. But its cleaning up now, and all there really was was HUGE amounts of seaweed and stuff thriving from the refuse and stuff going into the waters. Now its cleaner, it wont clog shellfish breathing, and they'll come back in large numbers at first to eat away at all the seaweed. Then all the bigger animals will come along to nom on the shellfish and urchins and stuff. xD It's all coming back to the way it really SHOULD be, which is nice. <3

    For instance, we've been having more and more sightings of seals and basking sharks lately. Further upland, we've had dolphins. <3 The predatory fishing eagles "Ospreys" are coming back quite strong, as are water voles and the little sand plubber birds. S'lovely to see them all around again. ^_^

    And yes, those jellyfishies are meant to live DEEEEEEP down in the ocean. I think the storm the night before had splashed a huge amount of them from the deep and into the currents, and right up around the beach. They were cute, but its always best to let them go back into the dark where they belong. However, I dont know if Ill EVER see one of those things again in my LIFE. xD It'd be nice to see them again, but nah. They'd be hard to take care of. I'm sure they'd need certain water pressures and stuff because they live so deep in the ocean. : ( I'd just let them stay where they belong. They probably arent used to even the slightest light.

    I like SHOOTING the santa claus smiley, if thats what you mean! xD
    I just seem to find it humerous putting guns and santa claus together for some reason, whether he's the one shooting, or being shot at. I dunno. It's my weird humour. xD Lol
  5. Meep. I totally forgot responding. Truly sorry, man.
    It doesn't matter if those urchins are poisonous or not - it still hurts like mad if you happen to step on one of those. Luckily, I never did. One jellyfish sting was enough ugly experience I want to gather at the sea. <:
    You see those urchins more when the water becomes cleaner? Funny, because I imagine that someone said to me that overpopulation of urchins to be a bad sign of the situation of the underwater fauna. Can't remember why that's the case actually and it's very possible that I'm telling some bullcrap again. Hopefully not.
    Yeah, I watched those documentariesa and I think I know what you're talking about. But aren't those fishes supposed to live, like, thousands of meters deep in the sea? It would be very rare for them to appear like that on the coast. Lucky you!
    Must have been funny. They were really glowing that brightly to allow you read a manga? That's awesome! Maybe you should get yourself one of those jellyfishes instead of those boring~ gold fish thingys. :P

    Hopefully people get smarter about that whole conflict. I think most of them are really tired of this, so I also think something like what happened in the 80ies won't happen again. So no famous last words.

    Yeah, I though the same about that smiley. I mean: ": D"
    But you seemed to like the Santa Claus smiley, didn't you? :P
  6. Oh yes, we have sea urchins here. But they aren't poisonous or anything. Their fat and their spines are small. I think years ago people used to actually cook and eat them, or use them for fish bait around here locally. We hadn't seen them in a long long time, but now that the ocean water around here is becoming a lot cleaner, we're seeing the return of a lot of creatures like the sea urchins now. Starfish too, and brittle-stars and sunstars. Have you ever watched the nature documentaries where they go so deep down in the ocean that its just black, and all the different creatures are glowing and glittering and stuff? If so, you might have seen a type of comb-jellyfish that glows quite brightly. I remember all of the rock pools were filled with those strange glowing little jellyfishes after a really huge storm one night. I took a few home and kept them in a jar - the rumours are right - if you keep them in a jar filled with ocean water overnight, you can use them as a nightlight or read using the light that shines from them! xD

    I put them back afterwards though the next morning. Right in the ocean. For jellyfishies, those ones sure swim fast. >o<

    And yeah, I dont think those conflicts will get any worse. : ) People are a bit smarter nowadays to go around fighting eachother for the stupidest of reasons. ... Hmm, maybe that was famous last words on my part, but at least I'll just keep a happy view of the situation. -___-;;;

    And that smiley freaks me out too.
    First time I seen it I was like, "That is one CHEESY goddamn grin."
  7. Dangerous ocean life. Yes, wonderful said. That's exactly what I meant. xD
    You know, it's sometimes not that easy for me to find the right words since english isn't my mother tongue. Just learning it in school. So no good in english speaking. I'm improving though.
    Anyway back to the ocean life: It's good that there's nothing really poisonous around there in the UK. It's very uncomfortable if you have to always look out for dangerous fishs, sea urchins, anemone or jellyfishs. That's a real fun-killer.
    In greece, if you're unlucky and you had some stormy days in a row, the coasts and beaches are full of jellyfishs, because of the streams. I never swim on those days, I don't want to get stung by those things. It hurts. Actually, I was pretty lucky with jelly stings, just until last year. The weather wasn't even bad, but one got me. Wah, that was really ugly. All itchy and stingy and stuff. The pain didn't go away for hours ... Well, at least I won't get stung by another one in my life statistically, I guess. xD
    There's one other definitely dangerous fish out there, which also hides itself in the sand. Forgot what it is called like and I luckily never made its acquaintance.

    That's a joke, I hope?! Because it sounds like one. Two people died? What the hell is happening there? You have to keep me informed on that one!
    It really seems that this kind of myth will never die, that whole Nessie thing. But anyway, life would be boring without those legends and myths.
    So you life near Loch Ness?

    Yup, it does. It's sad that some people are like that. Especially the mix fanatic religion and soccer is a very~ bad one. Conflicft are preprogrammed, more or less.
    "The Wind That Shakes The Barley", never heard that one before. Maybe I know the german title of the film? I should look it up I guess, but I'm lazy at the moment.
    Additionally, I haven't seen that much films revolving about that topic. One other maybe about the Bloody Sunday, but that's it I think.

    I heard that too. There were some news to hear even around my place lately. Let's just hope that those conflicts do not get any worse. It's not like there weren't enough already. It's good that people on the "mainland" are still down-to-earth about that one.

    that smiley creeps me out actually. My favourites are these two: The sad ones look awesome. xD
  8. Errr. Dangerous ocean life, you mean? Hmmm. I think the only really poisonous fish we have here is a little Stonefish or Barbfish, that lives in fine-sanded beach areas, and buries itself in the sand up to its head. It has a barb or three on its dorsal fin which contains poison, and its a bit like being severely burned. I dont think anyones EVER died from it though. Then theres Adders (Americans call them Vipers) up in the forests. The ones that live here are poisonous, but run away from people and arent THAT venomous, to be honest. Even though, its always good to get medical help. Those are the only two poisonous animals in the UK I think. I'm sure theres other ocean life that can sting you or something (Jellyfish, for example) but we really dont have anything really dangerous.

    Speaking of Nessie and Loch Ness, seems it was in the papers today that someone heard screaming out in the fog on one of the lochs the other night. Something like four or five fisherman were out on the waters, and two of them so far are definately dead, the others are still missing. Noone knows whats happened and theres helicopters everywhere. o.o I'm going to look up more on it later.

    Yeah, bigotry really sucks. I really couldnt care *what* religion a person is. Just dont shove it in my face or think your better than me, and I just dont have a problem with it, basically. I've heard of In the Name of the Father, but I haven't watched it. I have umm.. whats it called... "The Wind That Shakes The Barley", which is something kindof along the same lines, historically, at least. I have a few more movies to do with that kindof thing, but I forget what their called. >o<

    Yeah, Northern Irelands been pretty quiet for a while now (far as we all know), but recently theres been a lot of fighting lately, I dont know why, but it just started. Kudos to everyone there though, because its only some scummy people wanting to fight eachother and promote hate and violence. The rest of the population are point-blank refusing to go back into the whole civil war thing. Good on them.

    Keep sports and religion seperate. <3

    And yes, I hate that smiley too. xD Lol
  9. Okay. Yeah, I dunno, I though I somewhere read about that. Maybe it wasn't in the UK ... I'll look it up tomorrow or so, since I'm pretty tired now and will go to sleep in the next 15 mins, or so. xD
    Ah, okay, I understand. An interesting habit you have developed there. And I also have to just use some smileys on that site which I have approved of being useable. Some smileys on this site are ... well. <- I don't like this one very much for instance. But it simply is way too important to not use it. <:
    Wah, that sounds dangerous. I wouldn't want to go swimming there anymore. Though you're rather safe in Scotland I guess. Any dangerous things swimming around there? I don't think so ...
    Except for Nessie, indeed. xD

    Ah, those Catholic/Protestant quarrels are happening in Scotland as well? I normally just hear about those things from Northern Ireland. It's only natural I guess since the protestants came from Scotland/England originally. This conflict isn't only limited to Northern Ireland, as it seems. We just happened to do that in school by the way. Currently watching a film about it. Not about those quarrels actually, but about that Bloody Sunday thingy. I think the film's called "In the name of the father". You heard of that one before, by chance?
    I believe that this catholic protestant conflict can result in lots of problems. Especially in soccer. You know, I wouldn't want to come near to those die hard catholic soccer fans if they've drank one or ten beer too much and if I was an protestant.
    Hehe, yeah I don't watch soccer that much either. It's boring. It's more fun to actually play it.
  10. I think some of the ocean currents around here are warm, yes. Some of the offshore islands are probably quite humid. I dont know about tropical though. xD Lol. And yeah, about the smileys... force of habit I guess. I've always just typed smileys the same way, so I prefer it to doing 'programmed' smileys on different websites. : D Yay!

    My little brother went swimming at a place called "Lunderson Bay" a few miles past a place called "Gourock" here. I dont know if it was a razorfish (this... shellfish thingy) or whether it was like, a clam or something, but something in the same TOTALLY bit his big toe and nommed a bit of skin off. xD And it was only in the shallows. He totally freaked out. Mind you, it LOOKED like it certainly sucked. It was bleeding and everything.

    Nessie strikes again, I guess.

    And no, I suck at ANYTHING to do with football, knowledge OR playing it. ;_; We have two teams here that are most popular - Celtic and Glasgow Rangers. There was (or is) a lot of bigotry associated with them though, as Celtic TENDS to be popularised with Catholics, and Rangers by Protestants, and a lot of fights generally happen from time to time. xD Meep!

    Both teams are good in my opinion, but I tend not to watch football anyway. : ( So yeah. -Flops-
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