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  1. Yeah, yeah. You should totally relax more. I think I can little understand how busy you must have it sometimes. I can see it by how busy a friend of mine is with his software developing. No sleep over weeks.
    Never heard of something like that. I guess you have to buy a new laptop though. No one can life without youtube, hu?!?!
    The first one definitely is the best. Is actually the only one which I really like. Second comes after that. But the third part ... Meh. It's similar with the Matrix trilogy. I also just liked the first one there.
    I will study! Tomorrow. I guess. xD Ya know, it's already 2:30 am. Had a busy day today and yesterday. No sleep. So I'll need that now.
    Will read you tomorrow!
  2. -RELAXES MORE!!!- <3<3

    I dont have a CLUE whether its MY computer, the browser, something to do with a firewall or internet secuirity or software or a malicious code or something, or even if its like a cookie or a bugger-up with YouTube themselves, but I just REALLY can't view YouTube files. Yes, I CAN however, view streams off of other sites AWAY from YouTube, for instance, MySpace TV, Dailymotion, etc. I can even view a YouTube stream as long as its on another site, and not at : (

    VERY weird.

    I have all three of the Pirates of the Carribean movies. ^^ I liked the first one more than the other two I think. <3 And study if you have to study dammit! xD
  3. Aha! So you were lazy! Shame on you!

    Just kidding, I guess you're allowed to be. You're always busy with your manga. Must be hard work, so you have to relax the time you do not have to work on it. So relax MORE! <:
    This is indeed strange. What the hell could be wrong with the site that you are not able to view it. Never heard of something like that before.
    And you tried to viewed some other stream sites too? Although I do not think that this should be a problem. Verry~ strange, dude. I'm happy that I'm not the only person in the world who has strange problems with his laptop. xD
    Oh, some people in Scotland speak English? That's awesome. I guess you're right. There are hundreds of different accents just in Scotland. Scotland's pretty big itself too.

    They are gonna outlive you too? I think that sounds kind of strange. Additionally I wouldn't like the idea that someone else will take care of my little pets after my death. You never know what will happen to them afterwards.
    Yes, Pirates of the Carribean. You like the first movie of it? I'm watching it at the moment. Though I should be learning a bit latin since I have a test on tuesday. xD
  4. Lol, its okay! ^_^ It only took a sec or two to go and look for it, I was just too lazy until yesterday there to get ahold of my moms laptop to look it up! xD lol. And yes, basically speaking, my browser or internet or something REALLY sucks. Whenever I go to YouTube it tells me I don't have the latest version of Flash player or something. Trust me, I DO HAVE IT. I've downloaded it. Like, twenty seven times. And it still says the same.

    Weird, because if theres a movie window on another website playing YouTube files, I can see them okay. o.o I can even use the search engine WITHIN the player window and search for other videos. As long as it isn't ACTUALLY on the YouTube website. Weird as heck.

    Some people in Scotland just speak English. Some of us have a heavy accent and some of us don't. I can go ten miles up the motorway and speak to someone and they say "Yes" instead of "Aye" like I do. ^^ It all just depends what kindof region your in, everyone always has a bit of a different accent or slang way of speaking. x3

    And to be honest, nevermind the Galapagos Tortoises, but if my little ones I have just now are taken care of properly, THEY will out-live me too. xD And to be honest, I'd like it that way. <3 Naturally, their MEANT to. Their supposed to live longer than us anyway, and their younger than me, so that makes sense. <3
  5. Ah, sorry. Didn't knew that. You could just have said that you can't, it really wasn't that important. But thanks for taking the time to look the vid up! Didn't mean to make you any circumstances though ...
    Your laptop cannot view YouTube? What's that supposed to mean? You already tried to download other stream videos, like Or does your internet simply suck? ^_^'
    They are scotish, alright. Like you dude! That's awesome! You also talk like that? I really like the dialect of them ... (: Or are there a lot of different dialects in Scotland? I bet there are ...
    I'm sure you'll make profit out of your manga. A lot of profit, so you'll be able to buy yourself a new laptop and be able to rebuild some part of your house. Which by the way totally doesn't sound strange. If you'd like to do that, go on! Although you should maybe ask you girlfriend about it, if she lives with you at that time.
    Galapagos torts? Those the big ones? Won't this be a problem? If they are the ones I think they are, they live for about 100 years. Which means, they'll survive you. That would be sad.
  6. Lol, took me ages to look up that youtube vid. xD My laptop doesnt view YouTube for some reason, and I was too lazy until tonight to look it up on my moms computer. xD Lol. Those are The Proclaimers. Their Scottish. Their names are Charlie and Craig Reid. x3 Their a funny pair of guys, but I dont actually have their albums or anything. I have a few of their songs on my laptop though. And after how much work I've put into my manga, I'd BETTER get some attention/profit from it. DX RAWR~!!!!!

    Yep, if anyone ever has hayfever, they should start taking hayfever tablets at the start/middle of spring. Over time the anti-histemines will build up in their body to the point where the pollen really wont affect them in the summertime when the pollen is at its height. ^o^ And I know it might sound silly to rebuild part of your house to accommodate a large animal, but it really depends if your really interested in that kindof animal. <3 Me, I WILL probably end up with one of the large Sulcata or Galapagos tort's in my house at some point in my life, I'm more sure about that than I am the Gharial.
  7. Yeah, makes sense. But is this just your thinking? I'd really be interested in how the legal situation about something like that is in Austria. Or the Uk. Or whatever.
    I agree of course, as long as you are able to guarantee a proper living for your animal, it should be okay. And holding an endangered animal helps to keep the population. You should get some pandas too. xD
    Hehe ... Cheaper to keep. Yeah. You just have to rebuild your whole home to be able to hold a crocodile like that. :P But they are really cute.
    Interesting. Really expensive things you have there. But yessssssssssss, I WUV toucans. They are my favourite birds by far! You should totally get one of this, after you earned lotsa money with your manga!

    Bah, being allergic really sucks. I'm happy that I'm not allergic. Just to some rare acarian species. Nothing serious luckily. I already had two checks, and nothing came out. It sucks if your allergic to pollen for instance. Always having a red nose during summer time ... It's cool though that you are able to keep it under control.

    You know this vid by the way? thought I'd ask an insider: You know which kind of dialect that guy's speaking? Sounds cool. And british. That's why I'm asking. xD
  8. I think its legal enough to keep any kind of animal, as long as you have the proper paperwork for it, and legally, if you have all of the means at your disposal to make sure it doesnt break out of wherever it is and EAT people. xD Or yourself. I think generally you can keep any animal yes, as long as you get the right paperwork. For instance, they started selling small caiman's here in pet shops recently, and large monitor lizards and stuff. Those things will rip you apart. But as long as you''ve got the right papers, and all safety checks are met, then yes, your allowed to keep them. <3
    Gharials are endangered. ^_^ It'd be lovely to have one, but I'd have to buy a huge Waterland enclosure, possibly two stuck together to keep it. Otherwise I'd need to fix up our bottom livingroom, the garage, or the back yard in such a way as to keep it. I think their lovely. ^^ And they dont even eat meat, they eat fish mostly, so their cheaper to keep. <3

    And how much a breed costs really depends how many are available in a country, how endangered they are, and how many possible breeders there are in an area. ^^ For instance, little Caiman's tend to be about &#163;400-&#163;600. I love Toucan's. I'd like a Keel-Billed Toucan, but their VERY expensive, with only one true breeders in America somewhere, and they cost like, &#163;1000-&#163;5000. It really depends what kindof animal your after.

    Yeah, I'm allergic to a couple of things. Cats or something, and goose feathers (like you get them in old pillows and stuff) and something in work which I think might be washing up powder or something. I also get hayfever, but if I take tablets for it in the spring my body builds up enough anti-hystemines for when theres a HUGE amount of pollen in the air at the height of summer. :3 So I'm fine with it mostly. <3
  9. Whatever. Keeping lions and tigers and bears really is sick. They are absolutely not used to live in such a environment. Cats and dogs are more or less trained over thousands of years to live with us humans. Those big cats aren't. You just harm them by doing that. Is it even legally? I don't think it is allowed to have this kind of pet in your home in Austria ...
    Gharials look pretty dope! Must be fun having something like that. But again, you think one is allowed to have pets like these?
    How much does an espensive breed cost by the way? I have absolutely no idea how much such a breed costs.

    Hmm, that's a good theory. Maybe it's the dust or something which easily gets caught in the fur of the cat. Maybe you're not allergic to cats in general, but rather to things in the house. Especially since it seems that that's not your sole allergic reaction you're showing ...
  10. I can't believe theres people out there that actually KEEP things like lions and tigers and bears. (Oh my.) &#172;__&#172;;; Theres some private collection down in england where some guy keeps loads of big cats. Now if **I** was stinking rich, the LAST thing I would buy would be a load of giant cats. Keep them on the savannah or something. Let them get on with it. I dont suppose that I can really talk - I'd like to keep a Gharial years from now, but... at the same time, I think a lion or a tiger or something could mess you up worse than a Gharial could. &#172;__&#172;; Maybe just because I work with reptiles more I know when their on edge, and when they dont want to be messed with, or when I'm in danger or whatever. I can't read mammals that well, but I'm okay with reptiles and stuff.

    And yeah, I'd be pretty much a quality tester if it came to getting a cat. xD I feel if I'm paying for an Egyptian Mau (which is an expensive breed to get anyway) then I'm going to buy myself the best one that I can find. <3 And I haven't spoken to that particular friend for a few weeks now, but if I get ahold of him, I'll maybe say to him that I was wondering if his cat was okay. Seriously, its this ONE CAT that I'm really, REALLY, REALLY allergic to. I can't go into his house because of it, and I dont know why.

    Then again? Maybe its the HOUSE its kept in? If its a shedding cat, maybe they dont hoover much or something, and thats whats irritating me? It's always really hard to say with allergies. I work in the supermarket and SOMETHING (I dont know what) keeps coming through the checkouts, and I get really itchy after a few seconds. But since I throw loads of stuff through the checkout at once, I dont know what it is. I have a suspicion its some kind of washing powder or something though. >o<
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