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  1. Okay. Makes sense. I must have been tired that day. Because I didn't think it could have been a problem for those little cats to gobble her bones. xD Well, to my defence, you didn't specify the breed, did you? And for that matter, lions also belong to the family of the cats. :P So it could have been a lion too. I was just considering all possibilites. >_>

    Oh, you'd be that finicky about your cat's origin? (: Personally, I don't care which breed my cat would belong too. As long as it is sweet and cute and all, I'm also happy with some runt of litter. xD But I wouldn't think of entering my cat into some shows. As long as I can pet it, I'm happy.
    Though it's kind of unecessary for you to think about it, since you're allergic, which really must suck.
    I guess I also prefer cats. Although I think one can develop a more personal bond with a dog then with a cat. I don't like the big dogs, but a small one would also be nice. Anyway, since I'm living in the city, I don't want to have a dog. He'd be more happy somewhere out in the country than in the dark city.

    It's strange with the difference between those cats. Maybe your friend should take the cat to a veterinarian. It might really have some kind of fleas or stuff like that. Since it certainly differs from the other one. You should talk with him ... ?
  2. Ate through skin, fatty tissue, and muscle tissue. Obviously they didn't GOBBLE her bones and stuff, their cats. xD!! But yeah, they took a helluva lot off of her legs, that was for certain. As in, enough to render her feet un-usable. I suppose they were either feral cats, or the woman was REALLY unwell or something. You'd think she would've been REALLY all-over numb if she was so bad she couldnt feel her lower legs being eaten into. ¬__¬ And to be honest, I'd be fussy with a kitten. It'd have to be like, PEDIGREE'D. It'd have to be fully pureblood. I want a good breed, I dont want the runt of some litter. I want the best, to the point that I might be able to enter it in cat shows if I wanted. Because I'd pamper a kitty. ^o^ Plus, its better than a dog for me, I dont like dogs because they follow me around just... STARING. And the one we were taking care of recently climbed on the kitchen dresser, and ATE my dinner. Four times.

    I dislike dogs. The only kind of dogs I'd think about getting would be one of those little wrinkly ones, Shar Pei, but yeah, someone says they get pretty... nippy and yappy when they grow up. : (
    And yes, allergies suck. One of my friends has a black cat that for some reason I'm PARTICULARLY allergic to. I can't go into his house. Quite literally, I cross the line of the door, and I sneeze, rub my eyes - and then my face just like, INFLATES. >O<
    Other kitties, I'm okay with. It's weird. One of my other friends ALSO has a black cat, and yet if it comes up to me, I can pat her, and I dont have any reaction.
    Maybe its if it sheds fur or something? Or if it has like, fleas or skin dust or something? I dunno. ;_; But yes, its weird.
  3. Yeah, I'm sorry. As I said, I'll talk with the director so we'll ensure to see it in his next movie. xD Anyway, it's still worth a watch! Won't you be seeing your girlfriend in a few weeks? You go watch the movie with her. Though I'm not sure whether she likes these kinds of movies. (:
    Your last cinema visit has been that long!? Respect. I would get all kinds of withdrawal syndromes after such a long cinema abstinence. Would do me no good.

    Uwah! It's that dangerous? And I thought me tasting bad would be enough to prevent them from eating me alive. Honestly, I didn't know that it could be that dangerous. Luckily I haven't slept over at his place much often. Though they had no problems with getting eaten whatsoever. But I believe you of course. A friend of mine recently bought some cats. Maybe I should warn her to not let her cats into her bedroom. The cats are still young but you never know what kind of habits they get in course of aging. O_o
    Just for my understanding ... They ATE her legs? Nothing was left? Like, literally eaten her legs? That's damn gross.

    I think you're better off without cats. Even though your tortoises might be able to fly, it's still dangerous to let them be in the same room as your soon to be cats. Additionally after what you've told me about them, they do not seem to be as nice as they pretend to be.
    Silly cats. You having an allergic against them doesn't make things easier.
  4. Aaaawww nooo! D: That would've been awesome if that happened in Watchmen! xD!!! Durrrr~
    Yep, I'm a pretty big animal person. :3 I've kept quite a few different animals, and I study a lot in Herpetology (study of reptiles, amphibians and snakes) and Falconry (Training of Birds of Prey and Raptors), so yeah, I have to be. xD
    Y'know, cat's shouldn't be allowed in the room when your sleeping. I dont mean to scare you in any way - but they ARE attempting to eat you, you know. There was a local instance of a diabetic woman here who's feet/lower legs went numb overnight. She woke up late the next day, and, good god, I kid you not, her cats had chewed through her legs. Literally EATEN her legs. I like cats. I want a Silver Egyptian Mau breed of cat, but I'm highly allergic to most cats. I'd need to check it isn't going to make me sneeze all over the place first. AND I won't be letting it in my room. AND all habitats/tanks/paludariums/viv's where my other animals are housed would be padlocked shut. Not that they aren't already, considering I dont like risking some of the animals I have running around the house un-manned. -___-;;

    I like going to the cinema when I have a girl with me.

    ... Since my girlfriend is in Denmark, and we've been together for like a year now, you do the maths, and figure out how long its been since I was at the cinema. xD A VERY LONG TIME!

    .... You know, I'm going to be going to bed tonight having nightmares about flying tortoises. -____-;;;
  5. We are watchmen. No, I have to disappoint you, such a scenes does not exist in the film. It wouls be a very funny reference though. Maybe I have to have a little chit-chat with the director so he'll use it in his next film.
    Boy, you know some animals. Never heard of any of them. Not even in german of course. I had to look those names up in the dictionary so I know about what you've been talking about. xD
    Nocturnal would be a no-go for me too. That's also a serious issue I have with cats. Them jumping and playing around late at night I mean. I can't sleep if they jump around all night long crawling in you bed, biting you in your feet. xD
    I once slept over at a friend's and I seriously couldn't close my eyes that night. Those cats were up the whole night. I never was that tired in my still young life.
    So tortoises are fine. (:
    Golly, sugar gliders are damn cute! <3 So small, so sweet. Yum. And they must be fun too, flying around the room. But never have gliders and tortoises at the same time, dude. They'd have serious air battles.
    Hm, so you wait for the DVDs. That's good too. You don't like going to cinema? I'm not that much of a cinema guy either, but once or twice a month certainly is nice. It's just a much cooler experience.
    I guess you'll get the "300" DVD cheaper when "the Watchmen" DVD comes out. That can take some time though ... Normally, it takes some months for a DVD to come. But you seem to be a patient guy. That's cool.
    No, you musn't encage them! If you do, their hidden wings will shrink, because they can't use them anymore. They wouldn't like that and would start to play mean tricks on you.
  6. ROFL@that sparta picture xD!!!!
    -Saves for future use- XD

    Lol. And yeah, I wouldnt like rats as pets either. I had a hampster and it was the most evil little thing on the planet. &#172;__&#172; It kept biting me and freaking out and stuff, and I think I only properly got to hold it once before the stupid thing died. I dont generally like little furry pets. Chinchilla's are nice, as are Degus, but yeah, their nocturnal I've heard, so their a no-go for me. I dont want this thing thats four times the size of a hampster thundering around in its wheel in the early hours of the morning. &#172;3&#172; I like ferrets, but their smelly, and I'd only like one if it didn't bite the hell out of me all the time.

    One of my friends keeps Sugar gliders, he says their nice. <3
    Yeah, I might wait until Watchmen comes out on DVD and then watch it. Then again, this is the same reason I havent watched 300 yet, because the dvd hasn't lowered in price from the introductory &#163;13.99 yet. xD Whereas it SURELY should be like &#163;5 by now. &#172;__&#172;;

    Okay, seriously, I'm creeped out with my tortoises flying around now, lol, I'm going to put a wire chicken mesh around the top of their box. (Again.) xD!
  7. Aaaand you have to seperate the males and females if you do not like anymore eggs. How many do they lay anyway, per anno?
    In danish they also just have one word? Interesting. That's a thing I like about the english language ... Soo many beautiful words. I really love it.
    It's not really that there's just one word for turtles and tortoises. You can differ those two. The general term for turltes as well as tortoises is 'Schildkröte'. Tortoises are then called more specifically 'Land-schildkröte'. (Land means ground). Dunno if it's the same in danish. (:
    That's a cool thing about turtles. They live long. I would never ever take a rat as my pet. I don't want something which dies after two years of some cancer or stuff. That would suck.
    Spare you money for Watchmen, Yes man isn't worth the money. I was interested in watching it because I haven't seen Jim Carrey since a very long time ... He made a pause or something?
    Yeah, you can watch Watchmen. Or buy it on dvd. Or download it somewhere for free. It's your decision. xD
    It is the same guy. If you've seen 300 and Watchmen, you can see the similarities.

    Talk about Sparta. :P
    Mhm, you gotta watch over your tortoises. They just won't fly if they are near you. You never wondered where you've put your key? And then found it somewhere where you can't remember that you've put it? Don't blame you girlfriend, you know whose fault it was ...
  8. Yush, if its simply one, you shouldnt need too much room (depending on species) but if you have like, two males for instance, they'll need a lot of space. If you have a female, you'll need to keep it somewhere quiet as possible because if they need to lay eggs, they scare really easily and refuse to lay at times. My girlfriend says theres only one word for them in Danish too. xD It's funny, I dont know why that is..

    And yep, the torts are meant to live for a LONG time. If they die before their 40, then they've died young. Put it that way. : ( Meh, I dont think I was really planning on seeing Yes Man anyway, I was just curious because Jim Carrey was in it. : ) I'll probably go to see Watchmen though, or just wait and buy it when its out on dvd. I didn't know it was made by the same guy that made 300 though. I've always wanted to see that movie. :<


    And yes, seagulls certainly do suck. &#172;_&#172;; One of them stole my pizza once.
  9. Yeah, that's because you wouldn't think those lazy little things need so much space. But I guess that's good for every animal, so then again ...
    Ah, I get it. So that's the difference. Tortoises are simply the turtles of the land. Never knew that difference. Very interesting though! Thanks for that nice tuition.
    In german, there's just one word for both of them. How boring. ):
    Additionally, ecxept for turtles being malicious, they aren't as much fun either. Always swimming around in the water ... Bleh. I'd also prefer tortoises! But as I said. It wouldn't be fun for them living in a small space in the city. So I'll definitely spare them this rather short experience.

    That's quite the same with every other pet, isn't it? Losing them, I mean. That's one disadvantage. They do not live as lons as we humans do. So we lose them fast. On the other hand, aren't turtles and tortoises known for living aeons? Or just the big ones?

    So it's brisith then. But I guess if I start off referring a scotish babe as scotish, I bet I get some better score! Though I wouldn't know the difference I guess. xD

    Yes Man wasn't any good actually. It depends on what you're looking for. Jim Carrey is never bad for short amusement. But it's not a film which I'd recommend to you.
    Watchmen on the other hand, was very enjoyable. Very unique style, combined with a strange yet interesting story and funny characters. I wouldn't actually shriek but I definitely recommend watching it. xD
    It's klinda brutal though. Which was to expect actually since the film was made by the director of "300".
    Why seagulls suck? Because they dare hurting your precious little tortoises! That's why. Seagulls suck! <3
    Sooo you never saw one actually climbing? Hmm ... I guess they can't climb. They were ... flying when you didn't watch! *bam*
  10. Haha, yeah, a lot of people put tortoises in tanks, and can actually harm them doing this if its a species not used to it. Our Horsfields tortoise live in an enclosure about a metre and a half or so wide and long. Basically a big box. And dont worry, its amazing the amount of people I correct this on, so don't worry. xD

    "Tortoises" generally have little elephant-like feet and live in dry, arid or rainforest environments, but for the large majority, tortoises cannot swim at all. They eat vegetables, or are herbivorous-omnivorous, meaning they eat LARGE amounts of veg, but will take the odd cricket or grub from you if you hold it up for them as a treat. Only certain tortoises will eat ANY sort of animal though, and they should really just be considered vegetarian. Tort's are friendly and if calm, are fine being handled.
    "Turtles" or "Terrapins" are called "Sliders" in America, I think. It's the ones you find swimming in ponds or living in bogs and stuff. Turtles are omnivorous, and eat a lot of different things, bugs, meat, carrion, chicken, veg (when they get older), trout pellets, a lot of different things. The word "Terrapin" comes from an old indian word meaning roughly "Turtle you can eat". Turtles are amphibious, and some cannot eat unless submerged in water, because either they have a fixed tongue or no saliva. They have webbed feet, and obviously, can swim very good. They are kept for ornamental purposes and can be quite fierce, some of the larger ones (ie; Common Snapper, Alligator Snapping Turtle) can quite easily take off a few fingers in a single snap of the beak. Turtles generally stress a lot when handled, and are only really to be kept in a paludarium habitat, to be looked at. You can't play with them, they will bite you given the chance. There are only one or two species of turtle that has flippers.
    "Sea Turtles" live in salt water in the ocean, and have big flippers. :3 Sea turtles generally aren't kept in the pet trade, but I've heard of small species becoming available from time to time.
    "Softshells" are a bit like freshwater turtles, but have a weird mix of flippers and webbed feet, and for whatever weird reason, their shells are soft, and provide absolutely NO protection. Their hard to take care of, and catch diseases easily.

    Think thats all the main types. ^^ Hope that was some help. <3 Yeah, it's hard losing one of them. It's only a little animal, but they really grow on you, and after taking care of them for like, seven years, you love them a lot, and get quite upset when one of them just dies like that.

    Lol, generally, we're just referred to as the British, or the Brits, or whatever, yeah. xD But if you want to refer to someone from Scotland, you'd refer to them as Scottish, or Scots, or whatever, if their from England, their English, if their from Ireland, their Irish, or if their from Wales, their Welsh. ^_^ That kindof thing. Collectively though, British is fine, yes. <3

    I've heard of Yes Man, but I didn't know if it was any good. Everyones shrieking to go see Watchmen though. Did you think it was any good? :O I'm curious. Anndd.. o_o ... Dare I ask, WHY do seagulls suck? xD

    PSS; I know, climbing tortoises. -_-; You wouldn't believe it. I didn't. I thought someone was playing a joke. I woke up one morning and one of them wasn't in the enclosure. It had, during the night, LITERALLY got up, climbed up the wall, bit on the towel that covers the top of their enclosure to keep the heat in, pulled it down, climbed UP the towel material like a ladder using its claws to catch the fabric, STRAIGHT out of the box, and OUT of the kitchen, where their box was at the time. After running around the house, we found him at the triptych window in the livingroom, basking in the morning sun, snoozing. After some scolding, it got popped back in with the others. Never making THAT mistake again. &#172;&#172;;;
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