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  1. Wow, thanks for that introduction in how to keep tortoises! Now I really have to get some. At least I would, but since you said that they need a lot of free space, I can't. Damn, living in an apartment in a city sucks so much. I'd rather live somewhere countrysides. Where I could play soccer all day long. And having as much tortoises as I want.
    Interesting. It seems that turtles are called tortoises in great britain?
    Awww, they look so cute by the way! Makes me cuddle 'em. <<3
    I'm very sorry for your female one though. Must be hard loosing one of them.
    I understand. I'll stick UK then. Is there some expression for being that too? Is british alright? Or is there just english and scottish and irish, of course?
    Thanks, I had a fun road trip. We watched two movies in cinema today. xD We started off with "Yes man" and finished our day with "The Watchmen". And now I'm back, eager too learn for school the whole sunday. >_>
    P.S.: Seagulls SUCK! O_o
    P.S.S.: Climbing tortises?! It's amazing what's out there!
  2. Yep, I keep Horsfields Tortoises. ^^ Their probably the easiest to keep, alongside Hermann's Tortoises. They acclimatise well to British-like environments, but they dont do well with moist environments or frost, and have to be brought indoors during the winter. I only keep mines out during the height of summer, just to be safe. And I make sure and get them de-wormed afterwards, simply because we live right next to a farm and the tort's like grazing when their outside. We have to be very careful with them. Seagulls, if given the chance, will fly down and pick them up and drop them to try and crack the shell. Like any other kind of pet in the garden, they need to be properly guarded. They need a SOLID run in which to sit in, and it needs to be fully caged and sunk into the ground, because they can dig straight out of it. And their surprisingly good at climbing.
    I have two Horsfields tortoises -

    Sadly, the big one at the bottom, the large female, recently laid an egg, and then died. We think it might have had a bad birth. The egg wasn't fertile anyway, and even though I tried, it just got full of bacteria and eventually popped. Nothing was in it except a yolk about the size of your fingernail. So yeah, sad on that part. The other two there are males, and I'm in the process of acquiring two new breeding females.

    Their nice, and have individual personalities, but their expensive first starting off. Once you get them set up, their fine though. I suggest reading up on them before you ever buy one. They need decent space, NOT in a tank but in rather like, a large adapted drawer, to aide with air flow. Then they need a UVB and UVA light, for basking, and for forming vitamin D3 and stuff, to help them keep their shell and bones strong.

    One tortoise here costs like, &#163;120-ish. They can be quite expensive, but their lovely. If you want a BIG tortoise to sit in your livingroom or something, I suggest a Sulcata, but you'll be clearing up after him, and he'll require a water and food dish, and a section in the room for UVB/UVA lighting too.

    And yes, I think it just depends on WHO your actually talking to, when you call them English. Most will just make a face, or either correct you, or ignore the fact you said it, but others can take it quite seriously. One of my friends is VERY, err.. impressionable? He still calls Scotland Caledonia and stuff. xD And he got into a fight with a tourist that said something like that one time, that Scottish people were english or something. x_x I obviously wouldnt go that far, but like, if someones drunk or something, yes, it can quite possibly start a fight. Bleh~

    Anyway, thanks again, bye-bye and have a fun time on your road trip thingy. :3 See you around soon. x3
  3. You sleeped until now? xD That work of yours cannot be that hard!
    Ah, it really is like that? I often heard it that scottish people don't like to be called english, but hearing it from you makes me definitely believe it! So I will be carefull if I talk to people from the UK. (=
    You have tortoises?! HOW cool is that? How many do you have? Having tortoises sure sounds like a comfy idea. Maybe I should get myself some too. You like having them?
    Studying abroads sounds great, but I don't think I'd choose the UK in the first place. I'd really like to go to japan. Studying something like Game desing. Hard to find a place to study something like that though.
    Animated bible stories? What the hell? xD
    I'm watching Neon Genesis Evangelion at the moment. Not really often though, I don't have the time. ):
    By the way, I'll be gone for some time now, I'll meet some friends now and we'll hit the road at least until saturday, possibly evening.
    Which means I can't reply for the time being. Sorry for that! And you don't have to thank me for the conversations, I enjoy them too. Especially because you write in proper english. I can't tell you how much that means to me. Makes me learn many useful words by writing with you. For example tuition. Never heard that word before. But I like it! (:
    So now, bye and CHERRIO! *gulps it down*
  4. Aaaaaahh, what a wonderful nap that was. xD

    Yeah, you'll generally get a &#172;____&#172; face from people in Scotland if you refer to them as English. In my opinion, its kindof saying that the Japanese and the Chinese are the same people too. xD And yeah, its decent studying here, just depends what Uni or whatever you'd like to go to, I suppose. They have tuitions in other countries that we dont have here though. : ( For instance, (and for good reason), Japan, far as I'm aware, is the only one that really does good tuitions on comic/manga art. Veterinary education is a little sparse here too, sadly. (Theres literally no exotic pet vets here, locally.) I have to travel to like, Edinburgh or something if I want my tortoises X-Rayed to see if their carrying eggs.

    I dont know why, but I took this weird notion last night through that whole time I was talking to you on here, and I was watching just LOADS of animated bible stories via YouTube. o__o; I have no idea why. Meep. But anyway, thankies for the lovely conversation. x3 -Raises beer-keg- CHEERS!!! >O
  5. Yeah yeah, you should. It must have been late were you are too! I'm from Vienna and I think UK, Scotland is one hour before me? Like, GMT 0?
    So she is danish indeed. Buha. I do not know if I'd be able to survive a Long distance relationship. Must be expensive visiting each other every time ....
    But it's great that she'll come over to your place ... UK isn't a bad place to study anyway. (:
    P.S.: I always have to concentrate myself that I'll write "UK" or "Scotland" instead of "England", since I heard that scotish people do not like it if someone refers to it as England. Which I understand by the way. So don't get angry with me if it happens to my at some point ...
    P.S.S.: It's indeed nice talking to you, too!
  6. Okiedoke, I think I'll be going to bed in a few minutes myself anyway. Getting a little late now. ;_; Nice talkin' to ya though.

    And no, Sofie (my girlfriend) is actually Danish by blood. She lives there. She comes to visit every so often, and I go to visit her every so often. She'll be coming to live here at some point when she starts University. ^_^

    Anyways, better let you off. I'm off too.
    Nightynight~! <3
  7. For long? Or just for some time? *joins in playing the violin*
    Well, he is doing pretty okay actually. As I said, he has much help from all the people around him, including me. If everything turns out alright, that would be awesome. But it is still a long way to go, to be honest. And a hard way, not to mention. >_>
    But yeah, it really is a nice business to go into. You could make a load of cash, if you do it right ...
    Anyway, I'm off to sleep now. School starts in four hours and I need a little sleep.
    See you around, Steph! (:
  8. Yeah, she's all across an ocean and stuff. ;o; Boohoo for me.
    -Plays little violin-

    I couldnt work on things like animation or video games. I remember doing one or two animations, which were more for aesthetic humour on a fantasy roleplaying site more than anything else. And believe me, that was enough. I couldnt work on any more. I've thought of developing my own RPG game, theres a program you can download somewhere that you can use to make it, but I might end up just paying someone someday to make one if I wanted one, to be honest. xD I work on too much already. Hope your friend gets on well with the game, I hear its a nice industry to get into. <3
  9. Duh. That's really harsh. Parted from your girlfriend. All alone, little Steph up in the north of Scotland. Maybe I should have accepted you request ... ): Now I feel bad.
    Hehe, I get what you say. I know you'll be pretty relieved when you finished it.
    I bet that you worked hard. A friend of mine's developing video games ... He also worked more than hard for that. All day and night long actually. He also kept on going, relying on his friends for help and support and thus was able to finish it.
  10. Oooooh yes. -__-; All alone. And my girlfriend is in Denmark.
    I'm a deprived, lonely little Steph. Yes I am.

    IKNK was originally intended to be four volumes. Lately, its stretched into five. For the climax... I just hope to god it doesnt stretch into a sixth volume. I always try my best to make 200 pages per volume. I'm currently finishing off the third, so I'm about halfway through. x_x

    But yes, I've worked VERY hard on the durned thing. There isnt a CHANCE of me not finishing it now. Once you go far enough in something, you really can't stop it from exploding. x_x; Thank you very much for the support! ^^ I'm always glad to have it. <3<3 Keeps me going. x_x
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