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  1. So it really is. That's cool. Seems to be pretty serious, isn't it? Not the kind of 'Yeah, sooooome times I'm gonna make my own manga!'. That's cool!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, dude.
    Never give up! Let me tell you this. Now that you've come so far.
    You're working alone on that project?
  2. Yeah, I'll do that from now on.

    And yes, Aerth Saga is the current series I'm working on. I could go into a big spiel about what its about, but basically, its like, two or three different series that merge into one. ^^ The current one I'm doing is Isshuu Kara No Kuroneko. (Or IKNK). The oldest version is still available in bits to read on Deviantart, but they'll be... disappearing.. soon. ^_- Since the style is completely changed now. The other one was Setterwynn. Their modern fantasies, and kindof has RPG conotations. ^o^

    It's just taking so LONG to complete! -Beats head off floor- ;o;
  3. So you're pretty busy, hu? How do you even find time to be here in the first place? (:
    's your own manga that Aerth Saga series?

    Yeah, no alert if you answer. I'd suggest you just answer per visitor message or private message. That way, the person will sure get to know that you've answered. \o/
  4. Yep, I'm on Deviantart, and Furaffinity, aaannddd... uumm.. >o< .. Elfwood? And my personal art site (under construction) can be found in my contact info. :3
    I'll be going up on others too at some point, but for right now I'm busy working on my manga, so I cant be bothered setting up new accounts on other galleries. x_x It's a lot of work uploading all those drawings. -Points to Deviantart gallery- x_x;;

    Hmm. XI So noone gets an alert if you reply to their comments on the albums... >o< Maybe it'd be best I dont do that from now on then. ;_; Ah well, its still good to know. Otherwise I'd be answering peoples comments and noone would be getting them. xD!!
  5. Ah, I'm happy that it's not a problem for you.
    No, I actually didn't get an alert. I guess you only get one for comments which are posted in your own gallerys. Would make sense at least.
    You are on deviantart too? Maybe I should take a look there also. You have more pictures there? (:
    And no problem, I believe that good art must be valued! :P
  6. Meep, thats okay. I dont mind. <3
    Anyway, replied to your comment on my picture, first comment I've had on my albums, so I'm not sure if you'd get an alert for the reply or not. xD
    Anyway, yush, thankyou's for the comment on my picture. <3
  7. Hey Steph! No offence, but I don't accept 'random' friend requests. I want to have written with the people who I add to my friendslist. You seem to be a cool guy but I don't want to make any exeptions to this. Maybe later. ;-)
    But I really liked your picture! (: Dunno if the friend request came in the course of this, but I think so ... ^_^
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