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  1. yes.... a little bit..... I hope is not

    Hey Dude what's upppppppppppppppp!
  2. -Gives you cake- ... ? o_o

    xD Lol There ya go. Happy nows?
  3. i don't want
    but I would eat Cake ...........
  4. ROFL!! xD

    Awwwww. <3 -Offers cookie- x3 Here you gggooooooo~ <3
  5. so you enjoy eating in front of people....... That's torture..... you teasing little squire!
  6. Yeah, a lot of the anime I watch is generally online too. : ) The stuff I tend to buy tends to be anime movies on DVD, or the odd series box set that I've really liked, like Love Hina or Chobits. I've always took a notion of wanting Cardcaptors on DVD, I dont even know why, but I can't find it anywhere in any case. xD
  7. awwwwwww is snowing, that's in Ney Yow the weather is great... you can go out with just a

    so what king of manga do you read?.... I never read any manga in my life.. I only watch anime on TV or here... the net... for free!....jijijiji

    it seams that you have a lot to do today... a busy day... is 7:00 PM... wow here's is 3;00 PM.
  8. Lol, things are going fine thanks, it's been snowing outside and the house is bloody FREEZING. So I've just got up. xD It's like, five to seven at night. LoL.

    So now all the heaters are on, and I'm going to make myself something to nom on heartily, because quite frankly sir, I am goddamn STARVING. >O< Other than that, I'll be answering all comments online today, and then I'll be finishing the pencilling for my third volume of manga today. I certainly hope. &#172;__&#172;;;; Bleh.
  9. sorry the last message was suppose to be a
    so helle little squire!...... how been things going.......yes i make lots of questions.....jijijijij
  10. ohhh !
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