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  1. Lol, thats okay, I like people that post a lot. xD I do it too quite a bit of the time. <3 I think it's just because I find I have a lot to say often, and I just try to get it out in the one post. xD It's nice!
  2. thanks for

    hey you're here, how ya doing little squire!

    wow the below me sure like to write a lot!
  3. No problem at all~ -Wave wave- I dont mind. xD I can wait. <3
  4. no yet..... wait a little longer until I understand, don't you ?
  5. hummm you seems funny, and ,
  6. Yes..! YES..!! >O< -Does M.Bison-type voice-

    I am theh stalkerking! xD Fwahahaha~
    And no problem at all. <3
  7. hahjahjahjahja you

    well thank for the message..... wow that sounded so cliche'
    and my pics

    who are you the AO stalker....JK
  8. Lol@you and Renn's conversation. Sorry, this is a random visit, I was just reading back there and I had to giggle to myself. xD People MORE than often mistake ME for a GIRL. Complete opposite. o_o Meep! xD But yeah, lot of people will send you friend requests. I give a general friend request to people out of good nature, for example, when someone comments on my drawings or on my visitor page and stuffs. ^o^

    Anyway, lovely album with the anime gal's there. <3 Wish my camera worked, I'd put up photos of myself. ;_;
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