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  1. ...............................sure....have a great time.
  2. yo bro i got to go it was nice talking but my time here in this prison is over and im free for the day so ill get abck to you on moday well till then bro have a great weekend lates
  3. damn dude that a lot just to be member but o well ill do it just cuz i wanna play the game in the arcade cuz it wont let me
  4. ................i think you need a 500 more to be a community member. it's better than nothing, though.
  5. dude my baD I thought it was 80 but it is 70 but i think that is still good
  6. dude i think ive done good for the day i was at 25 posts and know im at 80 it is awsome you gave me a lot to talk about.
  7. ..............very simple, just keep logging and posting.
  8. yo just asking cuz ive been wondering how do you go up in rank here cuz im a member then i go to a com. member. but how do you become a veteran or any of those others that i have seen?
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