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  1. im amking it thats for sure and i just finished my kendo match with my brother so that was fun and a good work out and you bro? how have you been? anything new with you? well man im gonna finish here and take aa shower well take care bro... laterz....
  2. ..................................yo tough guy!! how are you today?
  3. survival you say well that does sound true... well that is true with my job right now cuz my bosses are major A$$ holes... well glad to hear ur surviving.... i wish you ther best of luck bro take care man and have a splended day...
  4. it's not about the work or no work in's basically plain survival. if you can survive then that makes you a better individual. me? well...just surviving.
  5. thats true but for me i hate it only cuz i havent done anything in so long.... but you have a point... hey bro so hows today going for you? if you dont mind me asking of course... take care bro and hope you have a great day bro laterz...
  6. it's fine, as usual. just trying to maintain everything here. well at least you have work, whether it's short or long, little or more, it's still a work. and it's better than nothing at all.
  7. being a bumm ive been waiting for work since december... i had little jobs that last a day or two but nothing really worth calling work.... man i cant wait till june thats when i start working finally.... so hows working going with you?
  8. same as always...still surviving life's ever changing routines..................and you?
  9. yooooo.... long time no see how have you been? hope allis well with you bro... so hows life been treating you lately if i might ask? i thought id drop in and say hi and see how you were doing... take care bro and hope you have a good day laterz...
  10. koo koo so hows working going for u bro... n the mechs u still coming up with ideas on making them... its nice hearing from u bro hope things are good n ill see u around take care n laterz
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