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  1. well.............................................. it's 10 pm......
  2. yeah...just like jeeg/nauspeda...first a motorbike, then transform into sa small version of a mech, then combines with some parts to become it's true mechanized form.
  3. hey bro i was wonder if it is 8:48 here where im at what time is it over there?
  4. alright then. hey i was wondering about something would you like your mecha to be able to detach itself and then be able to reattach itself?
  5.'s after a natural good cloaking...especially, that my mech is melee.
  6. thats just it bro i dont want a desk job thats to boring for me i like combat i want to fight. i want to change this world we live in i have seen a lot of lies that make this world seem so peaceful when it really isnt. i believe that if i can get in the military and be in the top ranks then i should be able to use that to my adavatage.
  7. hey bro i ahve another question for you about you mecha. what color would you have you r mecha be ?
  8. i see.......well you should focus on that then....if i were in the military, i should choose the desk job rather than actual combat. i hear it's good on credentials.
  9. na not yet im getting myself in shape and ready for the military cuz i know its going to tuff but not hard. and beside that im also studying for the test.
  10. aaahhhh.........i, are you in the military now?
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