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  1. na man i just graduated high school in may of this year i really was tried of school so i choose not to go to college id rather go to the military.
  2., i was referring on college. are you still in college?
  3. by course you mean what classes i finished in high school?
  4. well...i update data in their database of the company i work for. well the english second language school...isn't really what you might consider a school. from what i knew, it's more of a tutoring in a form conversation between a teacher and a student. not much stress. by the way, what course did you finished?
  5. so what do you do as an IT? as for anything that have to do with school i think ill pass i really hated having to put up with it.
  6. very long. truth be told, was born here. so i guess, there's no place like home then. well, as for the jobs, there's the call center and english second language schools booming all over the country. but i work differently...i'm an IT.
  7. well thats cool bro how long have you be living out there for? n what kind of jobs do they have out there? if you dont mind me asking.
  8. well it because i lived it maybe a far place but it has a lot of jobs here, man.
  9. damn dude thats far so why over there? just tried of the same thing so wanted to try something new or na
  10. for both of them - really? why don't you try a different place to work? me, i'm at boracay, philippines.
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