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  1. nothing bro i wish i was working but its hard finding a job here at this hell hole of a town i live in. thats cool so what beach resort are you at?
  2. hey bro i was wondering what site can i go to, to check out the super robot wars. and g generation games?
  3. i gave it to my sister. right now, i'm working/vacation on a beach resort. say, what are been doing lately?
  4. hey bro thats true i understand it would be difficult. so how the shop today bro?
  5. nah...i don't like fusing. because it's too dependent. specifically...on the pilot(s). one cannot function with the me, that's a weakness and disadvantage.
  6. alright then what about fusing would your mecha be able to fuse with other mechas?
  7. mentally, since it's a motion link system. the os has to be synchronized and integrated to my brain waves just for to function. knew a lot of this stuff when you really get hooked on playing super robot wars and g generation games...sighs.
  8. ok got it know how would you pilot your mecha would it be through brain waves and be controled mentally or manual inside the cockpit?
  9. since it's a hybrid, it has the power and speed of a real and super robot. and it's pretty obvious it's really fast and powerful, despite it's a melee type of a mech. as for the power simply recycle's it's usage. and of course, it can fly. morph? only if the "black box" has been activated.
  10. ok then what about speed and power? how fast would you mecha be and how powerful? also what would be your mechas power supply. and one more thig could it fly or would it be able to morph and trasform to somthing else?
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