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  1. the term "black box", it's one of those "secret weapons". any kinds of melee based weapons.
  2. melee based attacks and motion link sytem are cool but the black fox sytem how does that work? O yaworld you be equiped with a plasm sword or a partical canon based blaster. or somthing else better?
  3. hhhhmmmm...yes. it would be a hybrid-combination of real robot and super robot. all weapons are all melee based. with a motion link system. and of course, it has a secret
    "black box" within the system.
  4. well then from all the anime you have watched if you could custom your own mechas what would it look like how powerful would it be and would it have any special transformations?
  5. yes...i have seen it...but it's not my forte, i have a reputation for being a mech "guru" here.
  6. yo bro hows it going? so you choose ligar that is no surprise. hey do you like death note if so have you seen the live action movie?
  7. liger zero. probably that's the only zoid that can be equipped by any customized weapons. not to mention an organoid system as well. work? always.
  8. k. if you could pilot one of the zoids which would it be. so hows work? what have you been up to? well bro take care n have a nice day peace
  9. hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm...well since chaotic has a second season, and more detailed than new century. it's chaotic then.
  10. ok then but from those two which is better the century or the chaotic?
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