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  1. all uc gundams...i'm not one of those fanboys, but i like how it depicts the realism of war, society, mankind, and technology compared to its spin-offs. on zoids, i would prefer the chaotic century and the new century.
  2. well thats sweet. me too i like the old ones better even though i never saw the fuzion ziods or ever heard of it. so from all the anime you have watched which would be your top best five?
  3. i prefer the old ones...zoids genesis is a disappointment next fuzoids (zoids that can fuse).
  4. yo bro hows the shop? n what have you been up to. i dont remember asking but do you like zoids?
  5. thats cool bro. hows the game ? so hows your day going mine sucked i worked all day today i just finally finished..
  6. the usual...................playing super robot wars and g generation games.
  7. well thats cool so what have you been up to. besides working........
  8. always. there's a couple of changes though with the place, but it's still good.
  9. yo bro its been a while sorry it took me so long to get back ao so how have you been.? hows the cafe going? well bro hit me up any time well take care laters
  10. yo thats cool so hows it going its been a while. well im not going to be on as much cuz im out of school but i will try to keep in touch well bro i got to go laters
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