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  1. Gah~ I pity you with the whole not-getting-to-eat-chocolate thingy. XD lol Nhh... I dun hab a bf. Wish I had one. XD
  2. Weell,chocolate is good but I'm weird if I eat one piece my stomach starts messing up like I'm going to throw up so I just try not to eat much,so I try telling my bf not to each much because he's my life I love him very much. :] Do you have a bf?
  3. Gah~ Men. Wait- shouldn't you be more excited in eating choco's instead of him? Weird.
  4. Ha,wow. xD I've been trying to tell my boyfriend not to eat so much chocolate he still go on eating it. x.x He threw up once. (He's so skinny. x.x)
  5. It's okayz.... XD I barely remembur V-day anyway! XD lol
  6. Yea. :] Oh and Happy Late Valentine's! I'm a little late. x.x
  7. Hmmm.... It would look good on the bunnie huh? COOL!
  8. Red? Thats awesome,I want to dye my red too but red isn't good because it washes out too guickly.
  9. Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........ Red? Iunno. Teh bunnie is not fond of dying.
  10. Awww,what color do the bunnay want to dye her hair then?
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