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  1. Yea,I don't like them they scare me. xD I haven't been having schoool because of snow~ Yaay. The raccoonie played in it too.
  2. lolz teh Bunnie has to do teh same too. She has too many chores.... o.o
  3. Yea a just a little bit,not much. I usually have to do a lot of house stuff,like clean my room,dishes,and most about everything. o.o Just for one small racoonie. Y-Y
  4. teh Coonie has been busy too, am i right? lolz ~
  5. Good,good. The racoonie has been sleeping a lot. xD
  6. teh bunny ish just finez. how about teh raccoonie?
  7. Hiii Bunnay! How have you been lately? I've been fine.
  8. AHHHHHH!! Noooooo!!! *Starts running in circles then falls.* Come back to life! *Revives her.*
  9. lulz I am dead. XP
  10. *Gets back up and looked at bunny as she hit the wall,then ran and fell towards her.* Waa! DX Don't diiiiiiiiiiiiiie!!
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