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  1. Dun forget the cute raccoon. XD lol
  2. Yaaay I'm raccoon! Wooo! xD Fear the wonders of the sly raccooness.
  3. oh em gee! i'm a bunneh! oh noe men! then you'll be meh raccoon. COONIE!
  4. Aww,farretts are cute too. Bunny fits you well though.
  5. lol I actually like ferrets. lol
  6. Yaay,I just love giving people cuute animal nicknames.
  7. oh em gee! Bunny! I love it! lulz. Wahh~ XD
  8. Okay. xD I shall call you bunnay. I mean bunny. xD
  9. Okays. I call Xis. Whee~ Call me... whatever you want. XD
  10. Yep,nice to met you. You can call me Lexi,Alee,Lex,Lexis. Something that you can make with my real name Alexis.
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