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  1. ive just been trying to get away from obsessive girlfriends at school,watchingold movies, and standing on my head eating cupcakes..
  2. Well,I've been at my friend house and they don't have a computer plus I've been really busy. x.x Anyways,how have you've been?
  3. happy valentines day to you too. what did you do?(damn 50 character limit)
  4. Happy late Valentine's! I am so slow. x.x I haven't been on.
  5. Oh,okay. Sorry,I was offine I had to do something.
  6. ok cool, i'll check it out. my com being all slow, so i can't do it now.
  7. Lol,you named some I liked that I didn't name like Linkin Park and Three Days Grace. You should listen to Eyes Set To Kill,they are good. :] He is a music video oftheirs
  8. hmmm, i like..Evanescence, queen, within temptation, katy perry, rihanna, linkin park, paramore, red hot chili peppers, l' arc en ciel, david bowie, marilyn manson, three days grace, and more lol. i could go on for days.
  9. Ah,thats cool. I liiiike rock and some metal. Bands like one you might already know because I have pics of them is Paramore I'm in love with them,Flyeaf,The Devil Wears Prada,Eyes Set To Kill,KoRn,Evanescense,Bullet For My Valentine,and a lot of others. What about you?
  10. i'm home schooled, so everything is homework lol. what kind of music do u like?
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