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  1. Wow,you're doing a lot of stuff aren't you? Lol. I'm just talking to you and few others and listening to music. I hate homework,I'm always hoping my teachers won't give it out but then they do.
  2. cool. i'm trying to do some schoolwork, email people, watch a music video, eat some pizza, and drink while talking to you, lol.
  3. Haha. Nothing much,I was rocking out on guitar hero world tour. I was taking turns with my friend playing the guitar and singing. xD I like to sing more though. What about you?
  4. lol. i get that a lot too.
    so what's up?(besides hair-haha)
  5. Lol,thanks I get that a lot. :] Yea,some blondes can be really hot.
  6. omg, youre really hot!
    lol, i d k, i think i look best blond.
  7. Yea,just go on my profile to my pics you'll see pics of me with my new hair. Yea,in my opinion I think anyone looks awesome with black hair. One day the people with black hair will rule the world. xD
  8. cool, any i could see? lol. i want to dye mine black.
  9. I'm good. I gots my hair dyed,to a mocha brown that looks black. I have pics of it..
  10. i'm okay, how are you?(damn fifty character limit)
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