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  1. Heeey whats up ? How have you've been lately ? :]
  2. Lol,yea it just makes me mad or sad sometimes when bad things happen to me. hHey,what kind of bands do you like? I like Paramore,Flyleaf,Bullet For My Valentine,and lots of others mostly rock or metal.
  3. oh that sucks, yeah, lots of bad crap has happened to me, lol
  4. Oh okay,I will call you Haku. I just got back from my little vacation,and the worst thing was losing mt cell phone on a ride. Have you ever had anything bad happen to you?
  5. thanks. im ok, just call me haku or touga, doesnt matter to me
  6. Heyy,I added you. How are you? You can call me Lexi,Alee,whatever doesn't matter to me.
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