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  1. Yea,I know. I wish there wasn't any racist people,because it doesn't matter about the color you are.
  2. It's also very rude and racist at times you know. <_<
  3. Yea,Cartman is soo funny. xDDDD My fav episode of South Park is when they were in school and they said the F word. That will always be my fav episode.
  4. Uhuh ... I like when Cartman sings.
  5. Ha. xD I try not to sound so weird singing it. Plus the singer she sings oprea like.
  6. Dirty much? xDD
  7. Yea the first part is this whole ohhh ahhh ohhh ahhh ohh ah ohhh. xD
  8. Sounds weird enough already ...
  9. Your not. :] I just got through with a song that was weird. .__. It was Our Truth.
  10. Well,actually I'm just typing when the song is over I'm playing on medium. xD I suck.
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