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  1. So you're typing with your toes?
  2. Hii,I'm multi-tasking. Playing the guitar and typing my friend is now singing. xD
  3. Haha I freaked you out huh >_> showwy

    Well have fun ^_^ talk to you soon I hope
  4. Ohh.. Yea. Well,I'm about to get offine and play guitar hero world tour with my friend. =] I'm going to siiiing! xD
  5. But I do. Vampires bite the neck of their victims [male vamps and female victims; surprise], they do so while doing something sensual, giving her a feeling of ecstacy.
    That's the nodern version where all ****ing vamps are sexy
    Bring the old version back, I'd say ...
  6. Ohhh,nevermind I saw it. I like mine. :] But one thing I don't know the blood and flesh
  7. I told you! =O I think you deleted my comment.
  8. Well yea thats a good point. I guess being immortal would kinda be a bad thing I guess...
    What is your vampire name? =]
  9. Maybe. I wish I was a vampire,I'd be immortal. Yes,you can it is
  10. I think the real vampires must be rolling in the coffins.
    may I have the site?
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