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  1. I wear bright clothes but not much plus I want to be different from everyone wear my own style of clothes. And thanks,it's mostly guys who call me emo. .-. ha,wannabe vampire. Hey I know this site and it tells you you're vampire name mine is Empress of The Cold Waste or in other places Succubus of The Flesh. It means A sensual one who knows the flesh - and knows the blood
  2. How about you wear brighter clothes, or girly clothes? I don't know if you'll make the sudden transaction XD
    But no, you're not emo =]
    You're a vampire wannabe! haha jk jk
  3. Yellow scares me. >_> I like puuuuurple,blue,pink,and green. You live sooo far away. Anyway I was just kidding when I said that. xD I hate when people call me emo. -.- It's always at school. I don't cut myself.
  4. Yeah, like the bright sun, or the jolly good yellow ... xD
    wtf? I'm lame at jokes today
    btw I live in Australia, so I'm saved! err.. I mean I can't go shopping with you...
    >.> ..
  5. Oh,I should take you shopping with me. xD I'd buy you bunch of awesome sauce clothes. I have a...weird cool style in clothes. I wear any color of clothes but most are black and skulls. >_> I need to get more other color clothes.
  6. I don't know ... I like the nocturnal life. And I have vampire teeth. And I don't know how to dress. >_> How cool is that
  7. Thanks. Sometimes I like to dress up. Like in band shirts or just anything but I would not dress up like barney or anything that would be scary. e.e I wanna dress up as a vampire next. =] Wouldn't that be cool?
  8. Nice poses
  9. Hey. >_> I'm not a wannabe. Just a little. You should look at my pics I just put up pics of my hair.
  10. You vampire wannabe.
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