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  1. Ha. xD Thats funny,noobs are awesome sauce. Go all noobs! xD
  2. Nyahhh!!! The NWA stands for Noob Welcoming Association. lolz I thought of the name XD
  3. What is the NWA? I don't know what things are these days. xD
  4. Yep!! It going to be a big job for me....>.< I'm part of the NWA.......
  5. Ha,thats fuuny. xD I might just go crazy on here in the summer.
  6. Of course!!! You have more time during the summr, and when summer comes around, noobs go crazy on here and there are like a biilion of them on here!!! XD
  7. Yea,school sucks. I can't wait till summer either,where I can just sleep in and go to friends houses,and go swimming.
  8. Yep yep!! Me goie to school.....and it sucked!!! >.< *sighs* I can't wait til summer.....
  9. Yaaaay,Did you have school today? I didn't,I go back tomorrow.
  10. Nyyahhh!!! Well I get on this time since it is after school and what not. I usaually don't have homework so you can count on me to be on!!! ^__^
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