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  1. I don't have anymore questions. We can just talk,and oh you should check out Anime Forums. I go on there most the of the time.
  2. ^__^ That's good!!! Do you have any other questions?? I'd be glad to help!! or we could just talk. Whatever u feel like!!
  3. Okay,I added you. Now I know how to add people because I found the thing on people's profile that say befrind something like that. xD
  4. lolz you should get a notification. Then you go to another page. U can add me there. ^__^
  5. Thanks. Nice to met you. Can I ask how do you add a person to be a friend?
  6. Gahhh!!!!! Stormwolf beat me to greeting you!!!! Dang here taking my job!!! XD

    Nyahh!!! Welcome to AO. I hope you like it here. If you want a friend or have a question ask me!!!! XD Well pm anytime or stop by my profile!! ^__^
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