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  1. I know him on the internet. I met him on anime forums. He's user name was ShinigamiPrince,and most girls on there liked him. And while me and him started dating they all hated me. >.> He is really nice...well to some people some. But it would be cool if you could meet him.
  2. You know him in RL or over the internet????????????????????????
  3. Cool,I just started adding people randomly. o.o I wish I could tell my boyfriend about this site,but...I don't know he's not that much into anime.
  4. Lol. Hey you got more friends than I did on my first day. I didn't even make a single friend until my second or third day lol
  5. Oh my God. xDDDD Wow. That teacher must have been blind or something for not to see that. I like to do things that your not suppose to if the teacher is blind in one eye. I usually fall asleep. I did that once,my teacher was half blind. xD
  6. I can beat you there also.

    Wanna know the best way to keep a guy busy over the internet?

    Type sex like sex this sex, and sex see sex how sex long sex it sex takes sex them sex to sex read sex your sexy message sex. (Take out all the sex and read it again).


    Plus I have gone so random that in a 500 word report for my teach I randomly wrote dolphin nipples and she didn't even notice! I got the report back with an A+ too .
  7. Ha. xD I know I'm not that crazy and insane,but I'll be saying the most stupid things out of no where.
  8. Im even crazier and confuzled at why you challenge my craziness. But hey I am insane so I am very sane.

    Testing if you are sane

    Step 1: Admit you are Insane
    Step 2: Know the consequences of your actions
  9. Aw,it's an sauceume book. xD Edward is cool. I'm very crazy at times. >.> So be aware
  10. Nope, never read it, but I am trying to get the book so I can read it.
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