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  1. Thats cool. Have you ever read the book Twilight or liked it?
  2. Well. mine are Gaming, Writing, Hanging out with friendiez, talking, typing, drawing, bike riding, watching romance and horror movies(Sometimes action), going on long walks, and making out with a guy (Haven't done the last one in a long time tho )
  3. Thanks. xD My hobbies arrre. Playing Guitar Hero World Tour,drawing,reading vampire books and manga,coloring,talking,and being a blonde which in being stupid. xD What about you?
  4. I am good. And you can have some of my friends :wink:.

    So what are youz hobbies?
  5. So,how are you doing? :3 I need to add more friends. Y-Y
  6. Good,just on this site and chatting to my bf. You should check out Anime Forums.
  7. That would be cool. I wouldn;t mind a chat room either.
  9. Thats cool. I love to Rp a lot. It would be cool if the site had a chat room.
  10. Well, we talk about various things here. Anime, opinions, and other stuff. You can also RP(Role-Play) here in a typed story-line like RPG(Role-playing game).

    Curently I am in 2 RPGs. Inuyasha RPG and The Demon Lands RPG(I MADE THIS ONE WEWT!). Ima be in a third one soon, when it is approved.

    Pretty much you can do almost anything here. Me I use it to RPG, post some of the things I write like Kalderim, the magic of Friendship(In the Fanfic section under mixed flava.), and chat with newfound friends .
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