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  1. ummm... maybeeeeeeeeeeee
  2. omg i can see you lol j/k ...........................
  3. Get your butt online mister any way so what u doin for your two weeks we should hang totally though i'm shy at skool and can be mega fun. yeah let's hang homie
  4. okay i joined. I am lik mega retarded or maybe this site is just to advance for me anyway is there anyway i can make a avatar of my own
  5. alright Thankx mucho. Has soon as i figure it out i'll join Dark Angles.
  6. yeah I'm retarded came you please add me?? LOL i can't find the things that says add friend
  7. YEA!!!! I found you!!! Yes! I am that good. Lol. Oh btw it's Gracie. lol. anyway here i am
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