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  1. Lucky. I failed it my freshman year and am taking it now as a senior, but I fear I will fail it again.
    So what do you normally watch on tv?
  2. Oh no!!!!! What are you going to do?? Good thing I got out of gym as soon as I could!!!! ~whee~
  3. Yeah I agree. I think I'm failing gym. NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry. ^_^
  4. XD Okay okay. I think I can understadn at least that much.

    Yeha it really does. It taste disgusting actually, wehn you're sick. I like it when I'm not sick, sometimes!!!!! ^__^
  5. Hey Adams Family is the shit. I grew up watching it. heh.
    I think it doesn't work either. lol
  6. lolz The Adams Family Movie?? I hope you enjoy that. XD

    Really?? Maybe you should have some soup if you think that you're getting sick but then again, soup doesn't do any good when I'm sick. XD
  7. I already said I was getting sick. lol
    But yeah I'm pretty much doing the same as you and watching The Adams Family movie.
    Man I haven't eaten anything yet. I will eat Wendys later. ^_^
  8. I'm fine. Everything is alright in my life. Nothing more or nothing less....Well nothing that I can think of. XD I'm just being lazy, as per usual.

    What about you? How have you been lately??
  9. lol Yeah it is.
    So how have you been? Everything dandy in your life so far? ^_^
  10. Really?? I didn't notice. Actually might have been the first pic I've seen of you....*thinks* Yeah it might be.
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