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  1. Sure anytime. ^^
  2. i gotta later yeah?: )
  3. oh ok.huh i gotta remember gimp right?my friend has been looking for a program like that
  4. But Persona 3 is the best!!! You even get to see some of the settings from P3 in Persona 4!!! At least read about and watch vids on youtube. I nearly cried at the end of P3!!!

    Oh and to answer your question on my pic, I use Gimp. I make all of my sigs and avis with Gimp.
  5. no i cant find it anywhere.and my friend said dont bother.
  6. *gasp* You haven't??? Shame on you!!! Hurry!!! Go!!! Beat it now!!! I loved it!!!(Though still have to get the perfect ending).

    What about Persona 3?? Have you beat that??
  7. yeah naoto is my favorite in persona 4...but i havent beat the game yet
  8. lolz That's really cool. When I saw that I was like; "THAT"S NAOTO-KUN" XD I couldn't help myself. I have that pic in one of my Persona folders. It's a really cool pic.
  9. yeah.its the coolest picture i found that looks closest to the night pic
  10. Your character pic for Moonlighter(Day pic) is Naoto-kun isn't??
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