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  1. hey h ow have you been? lol havent talked in such a loooong time XD time for catch up! ^^
  2. ok cool thanks ^^ that would be really great cuz i dont exactly know how to do the bio for this one =[/=] really appreciate it
  3. Okay. I'll look it over and pm you if I change anything alright?? ^_^
  4. yea i post it but it really needs some] do you think i need to change anything? i just thought of it lol any ideas pm im still working on the bio but i have to log off in a few minutes
  5. Awesome!! I can't wait to read it. ^__^ I'm sooo excited!!! XD
  6. ok cool ill
    go ahead
    and post
    my bio....
  7. Yeah I know....I hope not. I wouldn't want to miss a day of school....

    Yeah you should join. I mean we haven't started yet but I know it will be fun!! XD
  8. hey do you think i should join the family affairs rpg? pu is lagging at the moment.....=[
  9. oh man that really sucks y ou better not get sick ! =]
  10. lolz nothing much. Just this and that!! XD But I feel poor little head hurts. I can't really miss school though....
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