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  1. lolz I know!!! Did you see my journal entry??? You're in it!!! ^__^
  2. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy^^ how are you i havent talked to you in ages lol
  3. hey whats up^^ i havent talked to you in awhile lol so where have you been?=]^^
  4. hey whats up?^^ how have you been?^^
    happy new year
  5. Isn't Grim using that as his demon form???? I thought he was.....
  6. its not really a person lol i chose to be a wolf an actually wolf or something here's the link to the pick i found on google lol :
  7. Hmmmm.... well I can help if you want. Tell me a little about your person.
  8. lol hmmm what am i going to do about my bibliography?...i found an awesome pic^^ tho
  9. ^^ That is cool. I'm really excited. And I'm hyper!!!!!!! XD
  10. ill have to look at it ive been playing in the arcade all this time but yea im joining it
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