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  1. I think I haven't changed it since around the beginning of the year. before that I didn't have much of a choice, to choose from, but the standard avarter to choose from
  2. Yeah it has been a long time since u had the other one! you've had it forever!!!!
  3. Thanks, I decided to change it, Been a long time since i did change it
  4. lolz sounds fun! ^__^ Hey you changed your avi!! It cool looking!!!!
  5. nothing much just being to the city with a friend, didnt do anything much, he just got a few ds games for another friend thats all
  6. lolz true, like the past 2 days its been messing up....^^; idk what's going on.....
  7. thats true, but its give you time to do other things if your computer does crash or somthing
  8. lolz idk, I just can be on everyday. I don't like to mess with computers it kinda sucks if it get messed up......
  9. so what happen to your computer, it crash or somthing. can't have the net without the computer now can we.
  10. Nah it wasn't that. We had no computer and we didn't have the internet....^^"
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