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  1. yooooo renn long time no talk.... sorry about that any how... hows it going... anything new with you.... oh yea sorry for saying this a day late but happy thanksgiving as well... hipe things a re going well with you renn... take care and ill see you around.. laterz...
  2. hey hey hey...guess what.....really just guess....Merry Christmas.... i hope u had a great one...take care n be safe k renn see you around laterz
  3. hey renn long time no see just thought id drop in and say happy holloween well renn see ya around laterz
  4. hey thanks and dont worry about it im use to it you are not the first to do that and thanks for the other site ill check it out well laterz renn
  5. Sure I'll befriend you. Sorry I get on sometimes and then get right off. I'n not ignoring you or anything. If you see me then send me a message or join this other site. I'm on their more than any other. Don't have as many as ppl but it's a nice anime/manga and such place.

    Dreamer's Haven Forums
  6. hey renn sorry to just drop in like this but im reall y bored and its a drag that no one wants to talk to me. i checking to see which member were on bt none of the were my friends so yea i thought id try making some new friends but no body really like me so im having a hard time and i was wondering if you could help me out by being my friend but if not thats all cool well laters renn nice talking to you and have a good day laterz
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