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  1. If I posted in BOK do you think it'll start up again?? I don't want it to die. >.< It just got to the good part!!! Sorry to bother you, but I'm not sure where everyone went.
  2. wasn't that, i read it a before the 4th, and went back to see what Fang said to me.. and posted it... honestly i forgot, gonna change it.
  3. Hey DG, zyta told me to tell you to fix your post in Box of Key. If you read zyta's previous post, it says that everyone is gathered near the Box of Key. I have already told Fang this and I'm telling you this, so please read others post, so we keep this going as smooth as possible. ^__^ I'm not trying to sound mean...>.< Please don't think I'm trying to be mean. zyta is just a little upset that no one read his post and is going along with his idea...(He is the one who created the RP so we have to go along with his ideas)
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