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  1. all of them!
    i love them all
    i was many of them n like em all
  2. Hmmmm?? Which ones?? (Why must it be 50 char.?? why can't it be like 10??)
  3. LOLZ!!!!!!!!
    yeah u never know!!!!
    oh and i lkie ur pics
  4. XD Of course!! You never know what they are planning!!!! THEY'RE EBIL!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
  5. lolz that's true can't help that lolz XXDDD
    tell u the truth i can be weird, but it is those who aren't weird that makes em weird.
  6. Myabe??? lolz who knows. Some people are just weird!!!XD
  7. Lolz..... maybe its just the people i talk 2?.....
  8. Hmmmm....well idk. I usally works for me.....well sometimes...XD
    saddly that doesn't work for me, maybe i'm doin something wrong
  10. XD!!!! Don't worry about it, Im random all of the time!!! How do u think I go so many friends!!!!! ME + RANDOM= FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXXXDDDD
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