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  1. i miss you and strom wolf i have ym now /huggles lol message was still short
  2. lolz I has been along time hasn't it?? How have you been?? I've been great!! XD
  3. rennnnnnnnnnn lol how are you i miss you it's been awhile since i was here
  4. it's ok renn take you're time /huggles you still need to do 50 character long
  5. *sighs* Not so good. I'm kinda having trouble with. I find it kinda large.......I also need to render it which I still am not too good at. So sorry if this is taking a long time!! I'll have someone render it for me. Please tell your friend I am sorry for my inexperince. I after all still new to all of this.........
  6. renn how's my friend's sig coming along nice sigs you make now
  7. yup i saw some of the series as well only a few has subtitles on it
  8. Of course!!! I love the whole AriettaXSync and AniseXIon!!!!XD So cute!!!

    The anime!!!!! I love it. I've seen clips but I don't think they've made subtitles yet......
  9. nice choices as well i can't wait to watch the anime of it as well
  10. Whoooo!! I love Tales of the Abyss!!! My favorite characters are Arietta, Sync, Anise and Ion!!! XD
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