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  1. yup i did renn many times it's really a good game i love three characters on it luke,tear and mieu
  2. Yay!!! XD A happy New Year to you!!!! I hope you had a great year and hope you have a even better one this coming 2009!!!!! XD

  3. Whoa???? O.o Have you played Tales of the Abyss???????? I MUST KNOW!!!!
  4. yup i did like renn thank you so much and sleep well talk to you later
  5. Ok it's done!!! I hope you like ir. Well i am off!! So talk to u later sweetie!!!
  6. ok then just don't overwork yourself and can't wait for the new sig
  7. I will I will!!! XD I have to finish your sig first!!! ^__^
  8. lol am i the only one doing this kind to you renn omg you're tired better rest sooner
  9. Oh stop it!!! XD lolz I'm hyper!!!! (Really, even though I'm like super tired!!)
  10. renn is blushing makes you even more cuter lol im just saying the truth
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