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  1. Awwww!!! You're making me blush....XD I'm almost done. I like the way it is coimg out....^__^
  2. ok thanks renn makes me feel loved by such a great friend like you
  3. Well I'm going to make a new one cause I really want too!!! It going to be a surprise so I can't tell you want I am doing!!! XD
  4. aww thanks renn i don't mind even if it looks simple i value anything my friends could give me cause it came from the heart right
  5. lolz Thanks!! ^__^ I like the way it came out too!!! I'm going to make you a new sig okay?? The one u have now I don't like, even though I made it....(That one was a yeah)
  6. renn wow sugoi siggy nice one looks great shows you're skill is improving more
  7. Hi what's up??? Hey look at the newest sig!!!

  8. yup it only been five days and we are doing alot of talking already
  9. lolz, we've only know each other for 5 days!!! ^__^ But I understand!!!!
  10. yup it feels like i know you for a long time along with wolf storm
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