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  1. lolz Well that makes me super happy. It cool when you find someone like that huh???
  2. yup you and storm wolf always make me feel better when i'm sad i will always value you two as my dearest best friend here on animeonline
  3. Really??? Aww!!! Now I am really happy!!! I'm glad you think of me like that!!! I feel the same for you!!!
  4. and i consider you one of my best friend along with wolf storm
  5. AAWWWWW!!!! Thanks!! ^__^ That makes me so happy!!
  6. of course you are loved by many cause you are a great friend
  7. lolz thanks. I feel so loved!! ^__^ I hope u have a good day too!!
  8. /snuggles renn hello just dropping by have a nice day later
  9. /huggles renn waa arigatou for the cute sig i love it
  10. Awwww!! Thank you so much!! It means alot to me!! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. ^__^
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