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  1. yeah my plot is kinda duh! ^^ but like i said the last episode of naruto i saw was when this girl had powers to paint anything and it cam to life. something like that. feel free to suggest ANYTHING when u have the time^^
  2. I'm busy at the moment so I'll get the info to you as soon as I can. I'm also talking to the person who made the saem RP awhile back. We were discussing how the plot of the story was back then and how your's is 'lacking' in that department. Not to be mean you know. ^^;
  3. i'd appreicate the info on the kages you called them!? Or whatever u can give me that be real helpful if it can help me develop my rpg better.
  4. thnx for accepting my sig request. sorry i didn't choose a background for it etc. but what ever you use is fine.
  5. Hi Thnx for accepting my request for the sig i'm still trying to get the hang of it but i'm getting there. Anyway check out my two rpg's in the idea section titled Persona3: The Journey and Devils May Cry: A New Beginning let me know if u r n ^_^
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